Mrs Hinch fan shares easy 37p cleaning hack that gets white bras bright again

We’ve all had that moment where we go to put on our white bra and notice it’s turned a mucky grey colour.

And, the realisation that it’s past its prime can be frustrating as bras are very expensive.

But, it seems not all is lost when dealing with grey underwear.

A fan of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch – who has over 4million loyal followers who love her clever hacks – explained a simple trick for making white bras look new again.

Not only is the method “easy” but it’s also pretty cheap – meaning you’ll save a fortune by not needing to buy a replacement bra.

The Hincher shared the trick on Facebook to the Mirs Hinch Cleaning Tips page.

The group started off as a place for fans to share all of Sophie Hinchliffe’s best tip, but now is full of people with clever ideas and cleaning solutions of their own.

And, this white bra trick costs just 37p.

A woman asked the group for advice on making her grey bras look white again.

She said: "Any tips on keeping white bras white?”"

Fortunately, plenty of people had advice for her.

Many different techniques were suggested, but the most popular recommended using Glowhite.

One person said: “Using glow whites in wash”

Another noted: “I always use glow white.”

A third added: “Glow white does miracles. Soak them in warm water and add glow white.

“I do it when I have more than one to wash.”

Glowhite can be picked up from Sainsbury’s for £2 or Wilko for £1.50.

Plus, you can order it from Amazon for just £1.85 – five sachets are included making each use just 37p.

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The product listing states: “Dr.Beckmann Glowhite Ultra restores lost whiteness. It works…bringing whites back to life.”

And, there are lots of five star reviews.

One stated: “Best Whitener I've Ever Used

“Bought this for my mum who is a smoker. Her nets were off colour.

“This bought them up white again! Used on my kids school shirts. Amazing!!”

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