This £40 massage gun been called 'as good' as the £175 Theragun

This £40 massage gun is ‘as good’ as the £175 Theragun but ‘at a fraction of the cost’ according to Amazon shoppers – helping to relieve sore muscles quickly

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If you’re suffering from sore shoulders, stiff back or tight legs, then it can help to pummel the pain away with a massage. While frequent massages aren’t cost-effective, having a massage gun is a clever way to reap the benefits from home.

Manipulating the muscles, a massage gun encourages blood flow to help recovery and reduce soreness. And according to hundreds of shoppers, the Generic Massage Gun is one of the best. 

While massage guns can fetch over £500, at £40, the Generic Massage Gun has been hailed ‘absolutely astonishing value for money’. It’s even been compared to the much more expensive £175 Theragun but at a fraction of the price. 

The £40 hand-pummeling tool has been labelled a godsend by those looking to knead away knots and ease tension

The Generic Massage Gun helps to pummel muscles, encouraging blood flow to help soothe sore muscles and speed recovery. 

It comes with 20 speeds and six heads to home in on different muscle groups for a more effective treatment. 

Whether you’re going for gruelling runs or need to relieve aches from working from home, a massage gun can offer deep pain relief and speed up recovery. 

The Generic Massage Gun works by applying pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue to break down knots, encouraging blood flow and boosting mobility.

With 20 adjustable speed levels and six different head attachments, you can customise your massage, getting targeted pain relief wherever you need it. And at just £40, it’s one of the best affordable massage guns on Amazon.

Designed to combat sore muscles and speed up recovery, the Generic Massage Gun has become a favourite with those that are on their feet a lot or frequently hit the gym. 

Replicating the performance of a deep tissue massage but from the comfort of your own home, you can use it pre or post-workout or for short-term relief  for painful areas. 

The Generic Massage Gun has six heads that help to target different areas for more concentrated pain relief. The spherical head is ideal for large muscle groups such as the back, and the bullet head is better for impacting deep tissues like the joints, while the U-shaped head is ideal for neck pain. 

While the pummeling motion can feel a little strange at first, with 20 adjustable speeds to choose from, you can customise it to feel your most comfortable. 

The Generic Massage Gun has 20 speeds and six different heads, so you can customise your massage. Better still, you get 4-10 hours of use from a full charge 

Amazon shoppers have left rave reviews, impressed by the performance of the affordable £40 massage gun. Hailed an ‘absolute must for sore muscles’, shoppers have even compared the quality to the Theragun.

‘This massage gun is an absolute bargain. I use a TheraGun at my physio sessions. But this as good at a fraction of the cost.

‘Powerful, Quiet, great battery life. And multiple heads for different types of massage. Comes in a nice case too. Really hand battery charging lights so you can see what charge you have left. Great for tightness in your shoulders.’

Another agreed, also impressed by the price of the Generic Massage Gun: ‘I really thought I’d need to spend £100+ to find a good quality massage gun, but really pleased with this one. 

‘It’s fairly lightweight, has plenty of speeds and attachments to iron out the many sore or aching parts of my body! Really impressed’.

A third penned: ‘Wow! This was far better than I expected. The power of this is crazy but feels so good! Easy to hold and use. Simple and quick to charge up, gun holds charge really well.’

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