‘Showing off my boobs on OnlyFans is empowering – and it makes me a better mum’

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A mum-of-four turned OnlyFans model who makes more than £275,000 a year on the raunchy site says showing off her boobs makes her feel "empowered".

Sara Blake Cheek, @thesaracheeky on TikTok and @thesarablake on Instagram, started her account on the subscription-based adult site in 2020.

She immediately began pulling in up to $30,000 (around £22,000) a month bysharing raunchy photos and videos as well as doing custom content.

Sara said: “Doing OnlyFans has enabled me to be the mum and wife I have always wanted to be.

“I am able to provide for my family, put my sons in private hockey lessons, pay for their travel hockey, and see them do things that will shape who they become in the future.

“To anybody who doesn’t do this for a living, they don’t understand how someone can be a good mum, do regular mum stuff, tuck their kids in at night, and go to your bedroom and start sexting on OnlyFans. But it makes me feel incredible to be a boss a*se b****.”

But, it’s not all plain sailing as haters crawl out of the woodwork wherever Sara goes.

She told us: “The majority of society thinks that they can treat someone like crap for doing OnlyFans or that I am less than.

“I get glares in the school pick up lines, people who have never met me write horrible things online about me, but none of that matters.

“I have thick skin, Jesus loves me, and my family loves me.

“I turn the hate into motivation. I’m chasing my dreams.”

One of the reasons Sara is a proud, confident OnlyFans model is because her work allows her to show off her hard-gained figure.

Sara added: “I work out hard for my body, so I love wearing revealing clothing.

“It makes me feel sexy, empowered, and desirable.

“I love showing off my boobs, I paid a lot of money for them and had the best surgeon. I’m proud of those suckers!

“Daisy dukes and a tiny tank is my outfit choice hands down. Daily that makes me feel the most beautiful.”

But, Sara isn’t only a sexy model as she’s also building a successful sports coverage career that keeps her busy and she runs a six acre farm.

She explained: “I do OnlyFans, TikTok, Twitter, sports analytics for ProSports Extra and Egotastic, YouTube, podcast and model professionally now – my life is chaos.

“But the confidence I have is from me being self aware. I don’t do something just to get likes or recognition.

“I’m a huge Tennessee football fan, I bleed orange, and my fan base knows that from me talking stats, recruiting, Lane Kiffin, they appreciate real.

“I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine, so I went and did that, I want to be a sports analyst, so I’m doing that.

“I’m an OnlyFans model but I’m also so much more than that, there is a difference in doing this or letting it define you.”

Combining all of that work with being a full time wife and mum is tough – and Sara gave us the low down on her daily life to prove it.

She said: “My typical day gets started with my husband waking me up at 5:30 to get ready to workout while he gets the kids ready for school.

“I make breakfast for my picky kid who only eats egg whites, I head to the gym, come home and help with our farm animals or give them love."

“Then I answer emails/messages, get dressed, make content, post content, schedule photoshoots and appearances, answer DM’s on OnlyFans, do interviews, catch up on sports news and try to call my friends and family so they know I still love them.

“I get kids ready for hockey or cheer, tend to the animals, order DoorDash because I have zero time to cook or grocery shop, tuck the kids in, and spend time with my husband creating content till 1 in the morning.

“My schedule is tough and my time is extremely valuable. I make as much content while the kids are at school as I can because when they are home, I’m mum.”

The dedicated mum and OnlyFans model added: “I’m incredibly hard on myself because I put my all into everything I do.

“I’ve always known what I want and have always had a drive that the impossible is possible.”

Phew, we’re tired just thinking about doing all of that, but hey, for a quarter of a million a year we might get up at 5.30am too…

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