Amara La Negra's Twins Sumajestad And Sualteza Welcomed Home In Royal Fashion After NICU Stay

Amara La Negra gave birth to twin girls last month and finally got to bring home her new blessings.

The twins were warmly welcomed by their godmother who decked the star’s home with balloons, flowers, cake and more. La Negra was left shocked, shedding happy tears.

“This was such a Beautiful entrance for the arrival of my Girls Home Thanks to there Godmother @carmensbeautyspa I totally wasn’t expecting That but I can’t wait to show my girls when they are older how excited we were to finally have them home,” she said on the post full of photos.

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Since she’s been home, La Negra shared the names of her daughters, which are Sumajested Royalty and Sualteza Empress De Los Santos. Both names are references to royalty: His/Her Majesty and His/Her Royal Highness.

The Love and Hop Hop: Miami star had a C-section and spent time in the hospital healing, but had to go home without her girls while they stayed in the NICU. She commented on the mixed feelings she had about her experience earlier this month.

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“One of the toughest moments for me has been Giving birth Without being able to hold my babies, healing from my C-section and having to go to the NICU everyday knowing I’ll go home without taking my girls with me even tho I know they will be Fine,” she said. “I hate having to leave them but thank God they are Healthy and Beautiful.” 

She continued, “I’ll be honest I didn’t understand what a serious operation a C-section is all The layers and the sacrifice your body goes thru to bring life to this world! but thank god I had an Amazing Doctor and The Hospital Treated me Amazingly and I’m so grateful for That.”

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The Afro-Latina sensation gave birth to her babies on March 23 and shares the twins with her on-again, off-again boyfriend and entrepreneur Allan Mueses.

Check out the sweet moment below!

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