Honesty and kindness are some of the top 20 traits Brits look for in a partner – where does your top priority rank?

SINGLE adults in the UK are looking to 'date up' and want their partner to enhance their lives in every way possible.

Six in 10 singletons confess love isn't enough and want to date in order to better their lifestyle, meet new friends and have holidays.

In a poll of 2,000 Brits, 70% believe getting into a relationship with someone who is doing well in life will improve their own.

Many felt they had settled for second best in previous relationships, but felt they could do better in the next one that comes along.

More than six in 10 want to aim higher as they felt they deserved better, while 45% claimed their ex-partner didn’t treat them well enough, and 37% simply want the best for themselves.

Brandon Wade CEO from Seeking.com, which commissioned the research, said: “It is good to have the belief that you deserve the best.


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“Finding love can be hard especially if you’re picky when it comes to certain traits, but as the old saying goes, there is someone out there for everyone.

“Previous relationships that ended will not have worked out for a reason which is why it is important to learn from those relationships and understand what you really want.

“It is clear singletons aren’t looking to just settle for anything that comes along these days and there is nothing wrong with that, it just might take a little bit longer to find but will be worth the wait.”

Finding someone who is honest, makes them laugh and is kind topped the list as the most desirable traits single people are looking for.

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However, Brits also valued someone with a good job, a love for travelling, and someone who owned their own property.

Not asking for much, are we?

Over half of singletons use dating apps to find love, while the rest prefer meeting people organically.

Bragging rights were also an important marker, with two thirds wanting their friends and family to be impressed by their date.

Surprisingly, almost half of men believed in love at first site compared to just 22% of women.

Brandon Wade added: “Finding love can be a full-time job at times, but knowing exactly what you want should if anything, help you to rule out those who aren’t quite right.

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“At Seeking.com, we are here to facilitate the clear needs of an increasing number of consumers by allowing them to be direct and find relationships faster by defining what they want from a partnership.

“Time is valuable and there is nothing worse than dating someone for a period of time to then realise you are on completely different pages.

“It is time to cut out the mixed messages, be direct, and know exactly where you stand when it comes to love.”


1.            Honesty

2.            Makes them laugh

3.            Kind

4.            A great sense of humour

5.            Good communicator

6.            Great manners

7.            Nice family

8.            Loves travelling

9.            A good job

10.          Dreams big

11.          Incredibly good looking

12.          Doesn’t have any kids

13.          A great physique

14.          Doesn’t want children

15.          Wealthy

16.          Who cares about how they look

17.          Exercises frequently

18.          Owns their own property

19.          Likes the finer things in life

20.          An expensive car

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