My boyfriend convinced me to go from brunette to blonde with a $7 dye from Walmart – it did NOT go well

IT can be tempting to get a difficult dye job done by yourself in order to save a buck.

Though it may seem like a good idea, you can end up with alarming results, which was the case for a woman whose boyfriend convinced her to dye her hair blonde on her own.

In a video posted to her TikTok, the woman recounted the incident: "This is what happened when my salesman of a boyfriend sold me on the idea that 'going blonde is so easy, you could literally just DIY it for cheap'."

Apparently, the young woman wanted to go blonde and had just finished telling her boyfriend about how her sister spent a grand on her own tresses to go blonde.

Under the assumption that going from brunette to blonde couldn't be that hard, her boyfriend then suggested spending $7 at Walmart and doing it by herself.

To convince her to let him do her hair, the woman's boyfriend sent her articles and YouTube videos to prove that he had been doing his research.

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She finally gave in to his pestering and decided to give it a try.

The results though, were a far cry from her vision, leaving her hair an orange brassy color and extremely frizzy and beyond damaged.

On the same day as her bad dye job, she still had to attend class.

"I called my regular hairstylist crying, begging her to let me in. I was like I swear it's an emergency, I need your help now," she recalled.

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Her hairstylist agreed to have her come in after school.

Disheartened, the woman wore her damaged locks to her classes, concealing as much of the damage as she could with a grey beanie.

Her peers were quick to catch on to the change, as according to the woman, they noted that her hair looked different and asked if she got it lightened.

Nevertheless, she managed to breeze through her classes – hat intact – no one knowing how bad her hair truly was. That is, until her very last class in which she had an exam.

She remembered the embarrassing moment: "The teacher was like no hats allowed. And I was sitting at the very front of the class.

"And I literally took my hat off in shame, and I hear people gasp behind me, [including my professor]."

After taking her test and completing a whirlwind of a school day, the distressed woman finally made her way to the hair salon.

"The salon is actually a hair school, so my regular hairstylist was actually a student. She let the people know that I was coming in because I had an emergency because my boyfriend had done my hair," she explained.

A lot of people at the hair school were anticipating the woman's arrival to see how bad the damage was, and like her classmates' previous reaction, she was met with collective gasps.

They got to work on her hair, but her hairstylist was struggling as she had never had to deal with a case like that before.

So she had to call over her teachers to help her, who then decided that the woman's hair mistake was actually a really good case study.

"I was like the last person in the salon because this had taken us like five hours to fix. So like they literally rounded up all the other students and they made a lesson out of my hair on what not to do.

"They're all like surrounding me while the teachers, there were three of them, were working on my hair and explaining the lesson as they were working.

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"Luckily they were able to save my hair because this is how it turned out," she referred to a photo that displayed brunette hair with light highlights.

"But you know what, my boyfriend was right after all because instead of paying to get my hair fixed, the salon actually offered to give it for free because I was a 'model'. So yeah, my boyfriend was right. I only spent $7 to go blonde technically."

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