I’m a self-confessed shopping addict but discovered a hack to stop me impulse buying… and it’s saved me thousands

SHE'S a self-confessed shopping addict.

But in trying to curb her addiction, Alexandra Hourigan has come up with a brilliant hack to help her stop impulse buying.

Alexandra shared the trick on her podcast – 2 Broke Chicks – and her TikTok page, as she explained that in considering buying something, she'll always ask herself if she actually needs the item or would take the money it costs instead.

"If you see for example an iPhone case that you really want and this iPhone case is $25, and I turn to you and I say, ‘Ok, you can either have the phone case or I’ll give you $25 cash'," she explained.

"If you’re like, ‘Actually I do really need a new phone case my one is looking tired, then you know to buy that – you know you really need that.

"Whereas if you’re like, ‘You know what? $25 – that’s maybe two happy hour cocktails this weekend, I’m going to go with that’.

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"Then you know which way you need to go."

People were quick to take to the comments section to praise Alexandra for her hack, with one writing: "OoOooOoO I’m going to use this now thank u!!!"

"I literally was about to buy 3 phone cases, put it in my cart, saw this vid and decided to only get the one I really needed/wanted, thank you," another person added.

"Omg love to hear this!" Alexandra replied.

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Others shared their own ways of preventing themselves giving in to an impulse buy.

"If I see something in a shop I want I give it a week, and if I'm still thinking about it after a week I get it," one suggested.

"If I’ve forgotten about it, leave it."

As someone else added: "When clothing shopping, I carry the item(s) around for 5 minutes and if I consider putting it back I do, clearly don’t need it!"

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And a third wrote: "I always compare it to my hourly rate at work, if someone said 'you have to work for 4 hours & we’ll give you this item'.

"If it’s worth it I’ll get it."

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