I’m a professional cleaner and here’s my five-step routine to give your whole house a spring clean in an hour

IT'S that time of year again, when people try and spring clean their entire house.

And while it can often take days to complete such a mammoth project, one cleaner has come up with a five-step routine which can help you give your property a spring clean once over in just an hour.

Laura Bryant, of LJM Cleaner Domestic Cleaning, advises starting with a clean of the kitchen cupboard fronts.

"This is so quick and easy to do, but is one of those jobs we never get round to doing," she explained.

"Fill your bowl, bucket or sink with hot soapy water, grab two cloths – one to clean and one to buff and away you go."

Laura advises using washing up liquid or Stardrops Original All Round Cleaner, and a cloth that's damp but not soaking wet.

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Next up, the windows.

"Although, it may seem hard to get the perfect finish all you need is hot soapy water, a nice clean cloth and again, another one to buff," Laura explained.

"Remember to clean windows when the sun isn’t beaming down though.

"The warmth from the sun will dry the window too quickly, leaving streaks."

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If your windows are particularly dirty, add a drop of vinegar to your soapy water and go over the glass again.

"The most important part is to buff them dry," she said.

Thirdly, Laura suggests cleaning under furniture.

Remember to clean windows when the sun isn’t beaming down – the warmth from the sun will dry the window too quickly, leaving streaks."

"How often do you move the heavy furniture?" she asked.

"Once, may be twice a year?

"It’s always something that is forgotten about, the same as under the sofa cushions.

"But these places get full of crumbs, dust and dirt.

"So, get out that vacuum and suck away all that dirt."

Laura’s five-step routine to spring clean your house in an hour

  1. Clean kitchen cupboard fronts
  2. Clean windows
  3. Dust and vacuum under furniture
  4. Clean skirting boards
  5. Dust the house from top to bottom

And if you struggle to move heavy furniture, invest in some feet cushions for the bigger items, which will help you when it comes to sliding them out the way.

Another area of the house that's often forgotten is the skirting.

"While you’ve moved that heavy furniture out, grab that vacuum, pop on the dusting crevice tool and dust those skirtings," Laura said.

"For a deeper skirting board clean – a little bit of Cif cream cleaner and a cloth will get them back to being bright white."

Lastly, dust your house from the top to the bottom.

"As the weather decides to warm up a little, out come those creepy crawlies leaving cobwebs in every corner of the home," Laura said.

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"To get rid of the dangling cobwebs I reach up with the vacuum to get rid of these and work my way around the home going from top to bottom."

Dust furniture with a good quality microfibre cloth and some Mr Sheen, while a lint roller is the perfect way to dust fabric lampshades.

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