I told my parents my baby's name when I was pregnant – they hated it

IT'S no surprise that women spend much of their pregnancy deliberating over what to name their baby.

After all, it 's something that will stick with them for their whole life.

But mum-of-three Dana Moore didn't exactly get the response she was hoping for when she revealed the name of her second child Lincoln to her family.

In a short video posted on TikTok, Dana, who also has children Liam and Lola, shared a montage of her adorable son from when he was a newborn up to now.

"When I was pregnant with our second child we decided to tell our family his name," she explained.

Nobody liked it and they all said we should change it."


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"We stuck with it as we loved it."

"As soon as you was born everyone said how much it suited you."


If you love your child's name it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks."

She added: "I get it my family are just a little old fashioned at times and because they hadn’t heard of Lincoln they didn’t like it but they all love it now."

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The post received over 89,000 views and was inundated with comments from social media users.

"This is the exact reason I plan on not telling anyone until birth announcement," wrote one.

A second penned: "This is why I’m keeping my 2nd child’s name a secret until he’s here I don’t want anyone putting me off it."

Elsewhere, others shared their similar experiences.

"I had the same with my first born we chose primrose and stuck with it she’s 3 and everyone loves it," wrote one.

A second commented: "Esmai and lola and everyone hated them names but I loved them and still do 16 and 17 years on – not anyone else's choice."

A third added: "Oakley and never doubted it for a second."

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Meanwhile, a further penned: "With my oldest everyone was saying how it’s a dogs name and I shouldn’t name her it but now I can’t imagine her name not being Trixie."

And another wrote: "We are the same! Everyone’s telling us we can’t call our first born Bohdi but we absolutely love it!"

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