Five predicted One Direction split after seeing they were dead behind the eyes

Iconic noughties boyband Five reveal that predicted One Direction's demise before it happened.

The group used to rock the nineties and noughties charts with banging tunes such as Keep On Movin' and Everybody Get Up and on Sunday (April 10) they came back with an epic performance a Snug event.

After the throwback gig, which saw three original members hit the stage, the lads chatted exclusively to the Daily Star about some seriously naughty noughties nostalgia.

Nowadays, the iconic British group comprises Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon, without Abz Love and Jason Brown.

The group first split up in 2001 and had a bit of a turbulent ending with bandmates clashing and members struggling with their mental health.

From going through their own rough spotlight experience, Five also recognised the struggle within One Direction which parted ways in 2016.

Talking about the joy of performing again, Scott told the Daily Star: "I love what we do now and the fact that we three are still flying the flag for Five, I genuinely, I'm not just saying this, it's a joy to be in Five.

"It really is and I think it shows on stage, even fans say to us now 'we can see you guys want to be there.'"

Looking back at One Direction's breakup, Scott continued: "I remember watching a performance with Sean and Take That had done a performance and One Direction had done a performance.

"Take That, there were three of them and they were having the times of their lives and you could see their eyes and they were happy.

"Cut to One Direction, and they looked dead behind the eyes."

He added: "When you look at footage of us from back in the day, we were dead behind the eyes. And I remember looking at Sean and saying 'they aren't lasting much longer,' and two weeks later they were gone."

The trio all agreed that things are different this time around and all do their best to communicate with one another when things get rocky.

Scott explained: "Now if I'm struggling on a night I would phone them or knock on their hotel room door and say 'I'm having a moment'.

"Then we would talk about it through the night but you wouldn't have done that back in the day because it wasn't spoken about."

The boys performed to an intimate crowd at the Snug Presents event and played some of their biggest bops.

The crowd enjoyed a night of noughties action and comfy sofas, thanks to Snug, who are known for their speedy delivery, comfort and stress-free sofa buying.

Also, be sure to check out Five's new album Time which is available on all music platforms to support the stars and listen to some of their new tunes.

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