14 stylish accessories for the perfect picnic this spring from indie brands

Our shopping guide to everything you need to take the park, beach (or your garden) for the ultimate stylish picnic this spring. 

When the weather warms up, spring feels like it’s well and truly here. And what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than planning a good old fashioned picnic?  

But for those with an eye for design, sandwiches in clingfilm and orange juice straight from the bottle won’t quite cut it – it’s all about the tablescaping. After all, setting up a beautifully staged picnic can be just as fun as enjoying it. 

Better still, why not invest in items from great indie brands while you’re at it? Here at Stylist, we know how important it is to support small businesses all year round, and henceforth we bring you our favourite picnic picks from The Drop by Stylist – our marketplace to shop all things beauty, fashion, homeware and everything in between from over 500 independent brands. 

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To ensure that your picnic looks as fabulous as you deserve it too, we’ve curated some of the prettiest, chicest picnic accessories from amazing independent brands that you’ll want to have at hand next time you’re headed out.

From a hand-embroidered blanket to undulating green glasses, these beautiful picnic accessories will help you plan the most picturesque picnic ever.

  • Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag

    The Drop: Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag

    Feminism’s for life, not just for International Women’s Day – and this tote will help you promote the cause all year round. Designed by the female-led graphic design brand Lucy Loves This, this sturdy canvas monochrome bag is equal parts stylish and strident. 

    Inspiring women + chic design = a tote you’ll use forever and want to stash your picnic essentials in with pride.

    Shop Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag at The Drop, £14

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  • Petiotes Personalised Initials Cotton Picnic Blanket

    The Drop: Petiotes Personalised Picnic Blanket

    Made from lightweight cotton for easy folding, each blanket has a waterproof lining to keep you safe from any damp grass or soil that may be lurking and it can be personalised with up to five letters.

    Shop Petiotes Personalised Initials Cotton Picnic Blanket from The Drop, £54

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  • Undone Stitch Personalised Initial Beach and Picnic Towel

    Undone Stitch Personalised Beach Towel

    Celebrate the return of the summer holidays by upgrading your beach towel to Undone Stitch’s personalised version, available at a special price exclusively on The Drop. 

    Available in three colours – each with a different stripe pattern – you can choose between eight different colour combinations for your initials to make it truly unique.

    Shop Undone Stitch Personalised Initial Beach and Picnic Towel at The Drop, £35

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  • Lund London 300ml Insulated Water Bottle

    The Drop: Lund London Skittle Bottle

    We all know that reusable bottles help cut down on plastic – but you don’t always want to have a half-litre of liquid sloshing around in your bag (that’s even if you can fit a 500ml bottle in your beloved crossbody). Which is why we love Lund London’s stylish 300ml bottles that are ideal for faff-free days.

    The chic, cylindrical stainless steel mini bottle will keep thirst at bay, whether you’re clutching a flat white (which’ll stay hot for 12 hours) or keeping your lemon-infused water cold for an entire day. There’s also room for standard-sized ice cubes. The only hiccup will be which of the colour combinations to choose from…

    Shop Lund London 300ml Insulated Water Bottle at The Drop, £28  

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  • Plonk Bottles

    The Drop: Plonk Bottles

    Plonk’s insulated stainless-steel wine bottles are the ingenious keep-cool invention that will leave you wondering, “Why has nobody thought of this before?” Unlike smaller insulated bottles, they hold exactly one bottle of wine and promise to keep it cool for up to 24 hours – au revoir, warm pinot grigio dregs.

    The sleek design fits easily into any mid-size bag and the insulated walls mean there’ll be no condensation to dampen the picnic blanket you’ve also got stashed in your tote.

    Available in three colours – to match your favourite wine. They’re the gift that keeps on giving every time someone says, “Let’s meet for drinks in the park.”

    Shop Plonk Bottles at The Drop, £35

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  • Originals Studio Palma 100% Cotton Napkins, Set of 4

    The Drop: Originals Studio Napkins

    Our appreciation for proper fabric napkins has always been there, but when they come in fresh white cotton featuring vintage-look palm trees printed by hand using carved wooden blocks, it suddenly becomes imperative to invite friends to the park so we can show off this set of four tropical delights – especially given they’re machine-washable (Aperol spritz stains, we see you).

    Shop Originals Studio Palma 100% Cotton Napkins Set of 4 at The Drop, £23.99

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  • Originals Studio Wave Glasses, Set of 4

    The Drop: Originals Studio ‘Wave’ Glasses

    Blame Instagram, blame tablescaping, blame the greyness of winter, but coloured glassware is the spring/summer homeware trend we can’t get enough of, and this set of four tumblers is the perfect gateway buy.

    In a choice of pistachio green or smoked grey, the undulating wavy shape has serious vintage vibes. The biggest decision? Whether to fill them with a French picpoul or use as sparkling water glasses.

    Shop Originals Studio ‘Wave’ Glasses – Set of Four at The Drop, £20

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  • Kente Creative Kente Fans

    The Drop: Kente Creatives Kente Fan

    In the UK, the joy of balmy weather is usually accompanied by a tinge of despair when you remember that public transport without air con is a thing. Want to be that person who makes everyone in the train carriage or bus jealous? Three words: get a fan.

    Kente Creatives’ stylish handmade designs are brilliantly effective – and they don’t rely on half-used AA batteries that you’ve pilfered from the TV remote like those miniature electric fans. 

    With a leather handle, these West African-inspired fold-up fans are available in six colours and patterns.

    Shop Kente Creative Kente Fans at The Drop, £12.99

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  • Nought Bamboo Lunchbox

    The Drop: Nought Reusable Bamboo Lunch Box

    Nought’s reusable lunchbox is designed almost entirely from bamboo, one of the world’s most renewable materials, and it’s what we’re using to house our precious cucumber and cheese sandwiches. 

    Made from both natural bamboo and bamboo fibre, it also comes with an elastic band and food-grade silicone seal keep the lid in place. It’s the minimalist alternative to plastic storage we’ve been waiting for.

    Shop Nought Bamboo Lunchbox at The Drop, £25

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  • Sbri Personalised Leather Zipped Pouch

    The Drop: Sbri Personalised Leather Zipped Pouch

    Whether you’re looking for a pouch to keep your keys/lip balm/face sprays, look no further than Sbri’s personalised zipped pouches.

    Handmade from sustainably-sourced premium British leather and available in five stand-out colours and patterns, you’ll save a ton of time not rummaging around your bag looking for your essentials. 

    Emboss it with up to four characters to make it your own or give the gift of organisation to your friends who can never seem to find anything. 

    Shop Sbri Personalised Leather Zipped Pouch at The Drop, £39

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  • House of Alice Diva Tee

    The Drop: House of Alice Diva T-shirts

    With the 90s and Y2K fashion resurgence going nowhere – not to mention the nostalgia trend – House of Alice’s Diva slogan T-shirts couldn’t have come at a better time. 

    Founder Alice Thornton’s collection of small batch T-shirts pay homage to iconic musical divas, with 90s bubble writing to complete the throwback look. The hardest part? Choosing between Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and Britney Spears. 

    Shop House of Alice Diva Tee at The Drop, £35

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  • 510 Laundry Hand-painted Striped Mini Oblong Cushion

    510 Laundry Hand-Painted Linen Cushion

    Founded by mother and son duo Sue and Ed, 510 Laundry’s made-to-order linen and cotton cushions channel all of summer’s stripy highlights (think: deckchairs, beach huts and Fab lollies). 

    Available in a choice of eight colours, there’s one to suit every kind of décor scheme – and sofa situation. 

    Merging London-based Ed’s background as an artist and homeware buyer with Edinburgh-based Sue’s experience as an expert crafter, each hand-painted cushion is as well-designed as it is well-made.

    Shop 510 Laundry Hand-painted Striped Mini Oblong Cushion at The Drop, £35

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  • Beyond Living Haan Hand Sanitiser, Set of Five Fragrances

    The Drop: Beyond Living Haan Hand Sanitizer – Set of Five Fragrances

    The neatest and chicest hand sanitisers on the planet, Beyond Living are offering a special The Drop price on their Haan multi-coloured five-fragrance set. 

    In Morning Glory, Dew Of Dawn, Sunset Fleur, Wood Night and Citrus Noon, each bottle contains 30ml, which equates to 400 sprays and it’s recommended to use four sprays per use (which gives up to a month of use per bottle). 

    The formula is a mix of 65% alcohol, fragrance and aloe vera – keeping germs and bacteria away without drying your hands like more astringent sanitisers. Since it kills 99.99% of most common germs and bacteria with a small spray and is 100% recyclable, this is the perfect handbag accessory for this season.

    Shop Beyond Living Haan Hand Sanitizer – Set of Five Fragrances at The Drop, £25.65

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  • The Port of Leith Distillery Lind & Lime Gin

    The Drop: Lind & Lime Gin

    The Scottish Gin award-winning Lind & Lime is a premium London Dry style gin, the first creation to emerge from The Port of Leith Distillery based in Edinburgh. 

    Juniper-led in flavour, it also features the delicate balance of lime peel and pink peppercorns. For a Friday evening aperitif, we recommend a 50ml measure over ice with a light tonic for the perfect park G&T.

    Shop The Port of Leith Distillery Lind & Lime Gin at The Drop, £35

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