Revellers flaunt extreme ink at Tattoo Tea Party – from eyelid to scalp designs

The Tattoo Tea Party convention returned to Manchester over the weekend.

Body modification fans forked out £25 for tickets, before lining up to showcase their incredible inkings – from huge spider webs to mystical symbols.

Around 350 of the finest tattoo artists also attended the Manchester Central Convention Complex to offer their services.

Guests travelled from across the world especially for the 10th anniversary of Tattoo Tea Party – and some even braved the needle to get new designs.

There were also plenty of entertainment options for visitors, including attractions like free bumper car rides.

Take a look at pictures from the jaw-dropping event below…

  1. Loving it

    A body modification fan showed off his eyelid inkings – two hearts

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  2. Tatt’s gotta hurt

    A reveller flaunted the blackout inkings on his head, which formed a geometric design

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  3. Flower power

    An ink enthusiast shaved the back of their head to get colourful floral patterns

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  4. Seen on the web

    A man flaunted his sprawling spider web tattoo at the convention

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  5. Pain in the neck

    This lass’ intricate neck inkings must have made her wince in the chair

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  6. Ear goes nothing

    This bloke used his head as a canvas and opted for a bold design above his ear

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  7. Earned their stripes

    A tattoo fan opted for a striking tiger design on the back of their bonce

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  8. Rose to the occasion

    A reveller opted for a traditional rose design across her left cheek

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  9. Oh eye say

    This chap got a dramatic line inked from his head, past his eye and down to his cheek

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  10. Inkredible

    A Tattoo Tea Party guest flaunted stunning mandala designs, as well as a bold red rose

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  11. That’s a stretch

    This man paired is striking body art with extreme piercings – including stretched ears

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  12. Devil’s in the detail

    One reveller showed off the horned figure sitting on top of his head

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  13. Winging it

    A woman had gothic tattoos including a miniature bat under her ear

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  14. Fang-tastic

    An attendee had a fanged creature etched into the back of his bonce

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  15. He’s got a thick skull

    This chap’s head tattoo looks like it’s been done in a graffiti style

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  16. Flying the flag

    This Tattoo Tea Party guest has flags and football emblems on his face

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