I’ve spent £1.4k decorating for EASTER – it takes months to do and my kids think I’m bonkers but it’s worth it

YOU would be forgiven for mistaking Hannah Nicholls’ home for a lavish department store when Easter comes around.

The mum of two decorates her house with a 6ft bunny tree, handmade seasonal wreaths and an array of ornaments.

Hannah, a former dog boutique owner, has been collecting speciality decorations since she was 16.

But this year marks her most over-the-top decor yet.

Hannah, 30, has created a magical Easter wonderland — worth £1,400 — at her four-bed semi, in Dunmow, Essex.

She says: “I get so many people asking me who I hired to do the display and they’re shocked when I tell them it’s all my own work.

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“I wanted to create a formal dining area so when we have Easter lunch and all the family over we can celebrate in style.”

It has taken Hannah, who is engaged to a local tree surgeon, months of meticulous planning to create this year’s theme of bunnies and carrots using a green and orange colour scheme in her dining room.

She says: “I made my own Easter chandelier, I have hand-painted rabbits on wine glasses on display, as well as an Easter tree which really is a work of art.

“I love decorating because it always makes holidays feel extra special. But this year’s Easter decor is my best yet.

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“All my friends love to come over and see the Easter paradise I have created.”

Hannah’s decorating began as a hobby in 2019 but it’s now her main source of income after word of mouth prompted her to set up her own business.

She says: “I started making wreaths three years ago after being taught by my beloved gran Irene Carr, who passed away at the age of 92 last month.

“She even helped me come up with the name Seasonal Sensations.

“I’d display different wreaths every month on my front door depending on the season.

“In December 2019, a friend saw my Christmas wreath and asked me to make one for her.

“She told another friend and soon I was busy making wreaths for a number of pals.

“When one told me I should charge a proper fee I realised I might be able to turn my skills into a business.

“Soon friends and locals were putting in orders and spending up to £200 on my speciality wreaths.”

Launching her business two months ago, Hannah, who has more than 4,000 followers on social media and sells her creations on Etsy, is hoping to turn over £12,000 this year.

She says: “I set up Instagram (@seasonalsensations) and Facebook accounts and started sharing my house decorations.

“Now I do live streams and create wreaths from household items people might have thrown away and I’ve fans all over the world.

“What started out as a side hustle has now become my full-time job.”

While Easter is Hannah’s favourite time of year, she also decorates her home for other occasions.

She says: “During lockdown I began decorating the house for events like Mother’s Day and Halloween.

“It’s the same for Valentine’s Day, and I am already planning special decorations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Christmas.

“Over the years I have collected eight Christmas trees, which I use throughout the year, repurposing and redecorating for special ­celebrations.”

Hannah’s daughter Willow, nine, and son Oakley, four, are fully on board with her creative displays.

She says: “Oakley loves the decorations, and Willow is now so used to the regular transformations for upcoming events, she just rolls her eyes.

“She thinks I’m bonkers, but when it comes to her birthday party she knows exactly what she wants and tells me exactly what she requires.”

Hannah’s decorating might seem extreme to some, but her ethos is the bigger the better.

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She says: “Some say it’s a lot of work for Easter, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

"It brings me enormous joy, teaches my kids the importance of family holidays and lets me use my crafting skills to pay the bills.”

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