Who invented Dippin' Dots?

IT'S almost summer and nice ice cream is what you'll need as the temperature starts to rise.

Speaking of ice cream, Dippin' Dots would sure sound great as a cold dessert, wonder if the inventor of them was thinking the same thing.

Who invented Dippin' Dots?

Curt Jones was the one who created Dippin' Dots.

In 1988, the microbiologist introduced the world to beaded ice cream.

The idea came when he was working in a Kentucky lab in which he used liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze animal feed.

A thought crossed his mind that whether he could create droplets of ice cream if he passed ice cream through the liquid nitrogen.

And that is how Dippin Dots were invented.

The ice cream brand went on to make huge success as it started being sold at theme and amusement parks.

In 1995, Dippin' Dots hit the international market and started being sold in Japan too.

Now, you can find over 100 Dippin' Dots locations and they are also sold across several amusement and team parks, stadiums, arenas and movie theatres.

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Who owns Dippin' Dots?

Dippin' Dots was hit by a huge amount of debt and almost went into bankruptcy.

Curt Jones had to step down from his position and give way to a new CEO, Scott Fischer.

Scott is a 40-year old businessman who was also involved in the real estate industry.

He supports several art-based organizations such as the Oklahoma City Ballet.

Scott helped Dippin' Dots get back to success after a difficult financial period.

He helped it reach record sales of $300 million and helped it expand globally, with 12 locations outside the United States.

Not only, but when it was hit with a financial crisis, Scott made sure to secure the jobs of all company workers and retained all over 1,300 customer accounts besides two.

How are Dippin' Dots made?

Dippin Dots still follow Curt Jones' procedure to create their ice cream.

First, they create ice cream from normal ingredients.

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Then, using liquid nitrogen they flash-freeze it into beads.

The freezing process is an extremely fast one and it reaches the temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

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