Self love influencer says 'you aren't a failure for gaining weight'

Influencer is praised for viral post on why you ‘shouldn’t feel guilty for gaining weight’ as she shares photos of her ‘softer and rounder’ body and says it doesn’t make her a ‘failure’

  • Bella Davis, who lives in Sydney, has penned a candid post about weight gain
  • Posting on Instagram, reassured followers that it’s ‘normal’ and isn’t a failure
  • Responses praised Bella for sharing photos and revealed their own body issues 

A social media star has won praise for a viral post urging women not to feel ‘guilty’ about gaining weight as she shared photos of her own journey online.  

Bella Davis, who lives in Sydney, took to Instagram to share photos of her before and after gaining weight, alongside a message urging women to appreciate their bodies regardless of size. 

Bella, who has 184,000 followers, has previously posted that she used to have an ‘unhealthy obsession with being thin’ and now champions acceptance and a normalisation of different body types. 

The post was met with praise from followers, who said they understood how she was feeling. 

Bella Davis (pictured), who lives in Sydney, has gone viral on Instagram after sharing a post reassuring her followers that it’s ‘normal’ to gain weight 

Posting on Instagram, Bella reassured her followers that they should focus on the things their body can do instead of what it looks like 

Bella wrote: ‘My clothes are fitting tighter. My face is rounder, and my arms are squishier. Although I know it’s normal to gain weight, I cannot shake the feeling that I currently feel like a stranger in my body. 

‘I’ve been trying to show my body love, but it feels forced. Unnatural. I trace over my naked body, noticing new stretch marks on my stomach. A sense of shame overwhelms me as society made me believe that stretch marks are a flaw. 

‘But then I remember that they aren’t a flaw but I gave a reminder of my body’s growth, and I am able to see the beauty within my stretch marks, even if it’s just for a second…

‘This body is different to the one I used to live in. It’s grown, evolved and changed. I’d be a liar if I said every day I love her because I don’t. But that’s okay because I don’t need to. But I do need to appreciate her. 

Bella said that she feels like a stranger in her body as it has become heavier and her clothes now fit tighter. Above, a photo shared by Bella on Instagram 

Bella Davis took to Instagram to share photos of her before and after gaining weight, alongside a message urging women to appreciate their bodies regardless of size 

‘For protecting me. For nurturing me. For supporting me. I have to be kind to her, for when she’s feeling guilty for eating that second bowl of pasta or when a pair of new pants don’t fit. 

‘Remind her that she is so much more than the fat on her stomach and the cellulite surrounding her legs. Reassure her that she is not unlovable, unworthy or unattractive because she gained weight and that she doesn’t need a reason for her weight gain. That’s enough. That’s all she wants, appreciation and kindness, and that’s all I have to give right now.

‘You haven’t failed if you’ve gained weight. It’s normal to gain weight. It’s natural for your body to change. Try focusing on the things your body can do instead of what it looks like. 

‘Acknowledge your privilege of having a body that allows you to move and keeps you alive. I know gaining weight can be difficult to navigate, so try to be kind to yourself and remember you aren’t a failure for gaining weight.’ 

Bella said it’s a privilege to have a body that allows you to move and keeps you alive, but acknowledged that it can be difficult to navigate gaining weight 

Bella said she first felt the pressure to ‘be pretty’ aged seven and experienced low levels of body confidence as a child and teenager. 

By 18, she had an unhealthy obsession with being thin. 

‘When I was 18, I blew out my birthday candles and wished to be thinner,’ she wrote in one Instagram post. 

‘I hoped I would get the stomach flu because I knew that meant I would lose weight. When I spotted a shooting star, I closed my eyes and prayed for thinness.

‘I wore a waist trainer to bed because I was told it would make me slimmer. I was excited to get my appendix out because there was a possibility I would drop kilos.’ 

A stream of responses raised Bella for sharing her thoughts on weight gain and admitted they’ve also felt frustration towards their body 

Bella notes that society ‘glorifies weight loss and criticises weight gain’ and urges her followers to choose to ‘free’ themselves from restrictive beauty standards.

In a separate post, she writes: ‘You only get one life. Don’t waste it wishing their was less of you. Dont sacrifice your happiness for a thinner body. Don’t spend it at war with your body. Spend it deepening your connection to your body.’

The posts strike a chord with followers, with one person writing on her most recent update: ‘Thank you so much for this! I need to read this post everyday to remind myself that I’m enough and do not need to change a single thing’

‘You have no idea how much I needed to read this,’ another said.

A third commented: ‘Love this! A great read for those also who haven’t gained weight and judge those that have or live in fear of gaining weight.’

A fourth added: ‘Such an important message. You’re amazing girlie! Success isn’t a size.’

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