Two Wotsits Crunchy flavours have landed – and they taste like Cheetos

Wotsits now come in extra crunchy form – with two different flavours to choose from.

Available nationwide, Wotsits Crunchy are the latest treat to hit supermarket shelves.

As the name suggests, the puffed corn snack is different to previous Wotsits.

Each one is a more heavy-duty, denser piece that delivers an almighty crunch. 

First up, there’s a Really Cheesy flavour – promising even more than a typical Wotsit – as well as a Flamin Hot variety.

And if you love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, the latter flavour will be a great option for you.

The crisps are now available in 140g sharing bags for £2, but a smaller size should follow in the months to come.

It’s also worth pointing out that these new crunchy Wotsits are baked not fried and are suitable for vegetarians. 

Commenting on the newest member of the Wotsits family, Katherine Cook – from Walkers – said: ‘We know so many people across the UK love Wotsits, both the melty originals and Giants, so not only did we make our new Wotsits crunchier, we also made them louder.

‘No matter if snack lovers love to melt or crunch their Wotsits, they can now do both with the addition of Wotsits Crunchy Really Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot snacks… can you handle them?!’

Our review of the new flavours:

Wotsits Crunchy Flamin Hot

These truly are a taste sensation – covering all bases. The texture is there, with the extra crunchiness, and so is the heat. But there’s also a tanginess to the after-taste too – making them really moreish.

There’s no denying the similarity to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos – which can be difficult to pick up in the UK. So this is a great option to hit supermarkets.

Score – 4.5/5

Wotsits Crunchy Extra Cheesy

Cheese lovers will not be disappointed with these. 

They’re ideal for those who prefer a sturdier, crunchier snack with a more intense flavour – and the texture definitely makes them incredibly interesting and enjoyable.

But if a more delicate puff is more your thing, the standard Wotsit might be a better choice.

Score – 4/5

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