Mum shares how she saved £912 by cancelling three bills – and you can too

A finance savvy mum discovered she could make savings of £912 per month to help deal with increasing energy prices.

Lynn Beattie, who runs the Mrs Mummypenny finance blog, gave the tip on her blog which is full of practical money-saving advice.

From tomorrow, energy prices will increase by around 50% across the board affecting every user in the UK.

Most energy firms are increasing their standard tariffs to the maximum allowed by the Ofgem price cap – £1,971 – from April 1.

The changes will affect every UK household meaning we can all expect more costly energy bills, making it a good time to start saving elsewhere.

Lynn's tip is to sift through all your direct debits and carefully note which services you are actually using.

She told The Mirror: “Go through your list of monthly bills and be strict, cancel those that you don’t need”.

The money expert cancelled three services she no longer used leading to big savings.

Lynn explained: “In the past few months, I have cancelled Amazon Prime (£7.99), Disney+ (£7.99), bi-weekly Mindful Chef recipe boxes (£60 per month).”

"Just these three cancellations saved me £76 per month, or £912 per year. It really is worth being strict and cancelling what you do not need.”

Meanwhile, Martin Lewis has stressed the importance of taking a meter reading today ahead of the changes tomorrow.

Speaking on the finale of The Martin Lewis Money Show, the finance expert said do this to avoid being overcharged for the months past.

"That way you draw a line in the sand that says to your energy firm, I've only used this amount at the cheaper rate," he said.

"Don't start charging me more on the higher rate and estimating I use some of it afterwards."

Always send regular meter readings, otherwise, your energy supplier will estimate your usage and you could end up being overcharged.

Once you've read the meter, you can usually email the number to your energy provider or send it via your online account.

The increase is driven by a record rise in global gas prices over the last 6 months, with wholesale prices quadrupling in the last year.

If you are really struggling you may be eligible to use a hardship fund with one-on-one help from charities National Energy Action and Citizens Advice.

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