I’m a bikini waxer and we’re fine with intimate piercings but you HAVE to stay still – one customer didn’t, it was awful

A BIKINI waxer was left shaken after her client's intimate piercing got stuck in the hot wax during a Brazilian.

Caroline Hegarty is a professional waxer, and shares tales from the table on her TikTok page.

She's also frequently asked questions about the waxing process, with one such query coming from someone who asked if they could have a Brazilian if they had an intimate piercing.

In response, Caroline shared her story about one of her former clients – a long-standing customer who was the "biggest laugh ever".

"She had a VCH (vertical clit hood) piercing too," she explained, adding that she used an upside down banana bar – more commonly used for tummy button piercings – down there.

"So whenever she used to come in for a wax with me, what I used to do was move it to one side, get down one area, wait til that dried, whip it off and when the wax was gone I’d move to the other side and do the same thing," Caroline continued.

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"Every time, every f**king time I told this woman, ‘Don’t move til that dries’.

"Which was only a minute or so, or 10, 20 seconds – it’s not long."

But on one occasion, she and her customer were chatting and Caroline inadvertently made her laugh – which consequently led to her moving.

"And what we didn’t realise at the time was that the banana bar fell into the wax," she sighed.

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When she did realise what had happened, Caroline knew she had to act quickly to avoid any serious injury to the woman.

"Luckily it wasn’t super dry, it was just super sticky at the time, so it had only been on for a few seconds, so I said to her, ‘Now don’t you f**king move – I need to move this before this wax gets too hard’," she recalled.

"I went to wiggle it and she burst out laughing and I warned her, I said, ‘I’m telling you now, don’t get kinky, this is serious, this is a serious day, don’t enjoy it!’

"She p**sed herself laughing.

"But I did, I was able to actually wiggle the jewellery out of the hot wax before it set."

And despite successfully managing to remove the piercing from the wax, the situation had something of an effect on Caroline.

"I can tell you something, my blood pressure f**king skyrocketed and my adrenaline… oh my God," she laughed.

"I’ve never known fear in quite the same way as when her hood piercing fell into that wax.

"Thankfully all was good in the hood but that b**ch knew not to move, so I am taking no responsibility!"

In response to her tale, another waxer commented: "I always put a little oil on the piercing just in case !!!

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"This is my nightmare Hahahhahaha."

And another person wrote: "I have this piercing. Had my first wax on Monday (all off) no issues at all."

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