Emmerdales Paddy set for affair with Vanessa as fans rumble romance twist

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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans are sure that Paddy Kirk could be set for an affair – but they can't decide which character he'll end up cheating with.

Paddy is currently in a relationship with Chas, after the pair welcomed a daughter, Eve, together.

But fans have now spotted chemistry sparking between Paddy and a range of other characters, while his romance with Chas seems to be on the rocks after various Dingle fall outs.

Some are sure Paddy will cheat with Vanessa Woodfield, who is currently single but still upset about her split from Charity. Though Vanessa's new "love interest" could have just been introduced in the form of newcomer Suzy, there could be another twist in store yet.

Paddy and Vanessa began to grow closer as they chatted about Charity, with Paddy reaching out to reassure her.

Meanwhile, other fans are certain it could be Rhona Goskirk Paddy is lusting after – after her fiancé Marlon suffered a stroke which left him in hospital, unable to speak or move freely.

Paddy and Rhona are already exes, and with Paddy also struggling to come to terms with his best friend's illness, could he step over the line and give Rhona a shoulder to cry on?

Another third of fans think they've spotted a vital sign that things could be heating up between Paddy and his ex Mandy, after sparks flew between them in the salon.

Mandy and Paddy originally tied the knot back in 1999, just a year after she split from her hubby – and own cousin – Butch.

However, things turned sour for the couple after Mandy began an affair with her sick father's nurse while on trips to Southampton, bringing an end to their marriage.

Since Mandy returned to the village, she has been reminiscing about the old days with her beau… and some keen viewers have spotted something similar in Paddy's eyes.

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: "Hope not but I suspect Paddy and Rhona are slowly being drawn into an affair."

Another quickly agreed: "Oh wow hope they don't if Rhona does that to Marlon it's unforgivable if they both do this to him it [would] be just wrong on all levels!"

As another argued: "If anyone it gonna be with Mandy I reckon. They will rekindle in a heart to heart conversation. She's been in a lot of scenes with him lately but never know."

"Paddy and Mandy I would put money on," someone else said.

"Paddy & Vanessa have a one night stand when both had a few too many and Vanessa becomes pregnant [with] his baby," a fifth fan guessed.

Someone else followed up: "It was Paddy and Vanessa were going to have an affair."

Emmerdale airs daily from 7:30pm on ITV.

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