Wordle fans rage over two words bug as players say answer ‘takes away the fun’

Wordle players are having a nightmare today as the popular word game app has reportedly been giving different people different solutions.

The game, which asks players around the world to guess a select five-letter word every day, seems to be malfunctioning as players complain that they're getting different answers to everyone else.

A vicar in New Zealand, Rev. Frank Ritchie, wrote to app owners at the New York Times to complain about the issue.

"Dear @nytimes it seems some of us in New Zealand had different words from each other today for [puzzle #284]. What gives? Part of the attraction is the shared experience."

Other users said their game was also spoiled. "Same happened for me & my husband. Different words. Totally takes away the competitive fun," said Tanya Howie.

She added: "Just did Wordle and my word was different to my husband's word. Gutted especially as he got his in 2 (yes yes well done) but mine was harder. WTAF. Has anyone else experienced this today?

According to puzzle experts Paga Puzzle, the NYTimes removed a word from their solutions list and changed it for a different one. So, if Wordle was left open in your browser or the app, you could receive the old solution unless you refresh.

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What is Wordle and how do you play it?

Wordle is a simple brain teaser that asks plaers to solve a one-word puzzle per day.

The puzzle is supposed to be the same word for everyone. It presents you with a grid of letters and uses a colour-coded system to give you hints about whether a letter is in the right spot or not.

For example, if you guess a word incorrectly, but one of the letters is right and in the correct position, that box turns green.

Wordle is free and can be played easily from any device that you can browse the internet including your phone, tablet or laptop. You can play the daily puzzle here.

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