Prince Harrys absence from Philips memorial was a big disappointment

While I covered Prince Philip’s memorial service yesterday, I did have a moment of “wow, I see why they wanted Prince Harry to come.” All of his cousins were there, all of the Queen’s children were there, and there was a show of force from the European royal houses. That being said, it would have been such a sh-tshow for Harry if he had come to the UK. House Cambridge would have thrown a fit, we would be getting wall-to-wall “Kate, the Keen Peacemaker” stories, and people would have accused Harry of making his grandfather’s service all about him. That’s how toxic everything is in the UK for the Sussexes right now, and that’s on purpose. The royal commentators and royals have purposefully and willfully made everything toxic. All in all, I’m glad he just avoided it. Turns out, Harry was being “mentioned” by service-goers in the Abbey:

Prince Harry has been criticisied for missing his grandfather’s memorial service today, amid a row over security and strained relations with his relatives. But despite the family tensions, the Duke of Sussex was included in today’s commemorations, after archive footage of Harry speaking about his late grandather was used as part of the BBC’s coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial. The broadcaster re-used sentimental tributes from the Royal Family to celebrate the life of Prince Philip, before streaming his Service of Thanksgiving live from Westminster Abbey.

The Duke of Sussex, 37, who was the only senior member of the royal family not to attend today, made a surprise appearance during the coverage in a resurfaced clip from the documentary ‘A ‘Unique Portrait’ of Prince Philip and his life’.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced backlash for not attending the memorial in person. The couple remained at their $14million mansion in Montecito while the rest of the Royal Family, including the Queen despite recent health issues, gathered in London for the monumental event. Harry is currently in pursuit of legal challenge against the Home Office after being told he would no longer be given the ‘same degree’ of personal protective security when visiting from the US, despite offering to pay for it himself.

Royal watchers and social media users have criticized the Duke, who is due to travel to the Netherlands in two weeks’ time, for not attending his grandfather’s Service of Thanksgiving.

Richard Griffin, who spent 14 years as a royal protection officer for Prince Philip, slammed Harry for ‘not bothering’ to attend, describing his absence as ‘pathetic’.

‘Prince Philip was their grandfather so William has obviously had a great training from him and is going to learn examples from him,’ he said.’I just hope Harry gets some of these things in his mind. It [Harry not being here] was a big disappointment for everybody. People were talking about it. Certainly around where I was, people were saying he should have been here. All this nonsense about how he couldn’t get protection, as far as I’m concerned that was a pathetic excuse. He should’ve been here to honour his grandfather.

‘At the end of the day, if he was that worried about security, he could’ve stuck with his brother and father who have got wonderful security and he would have been more than safe.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“…He could’ve stuck with his brother and father who have got wonderful security…” Pretty sure Charles and William are the reason why Harry isn’t allowed royal protection in the UK in the first place. And it’s sad that Harry was being spoken about within the Abbey. Literally all of his Windsor cousins were there, talk about them. All of the senior royals, plus some of his second cousins and his niece and nephew were there too. I guess all of those royals weren’t enough though! Weird how important Harry was to his family. Weird that they treated him like absolute sh-t when he was there. Anyway, let’s see if these dumbasses keep this same “where is Harry, it’s so painful that Harry has not visited his ill granny” energy when he stops by Windsor on his way to or from The Netherlands.

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