Meet sexy Miss BumBum babes hoping to win prestigious booty title this year

Miss BumBum is back and it's going to be bigger than ever.

The prestigious competition is an annual beauty pageant held in Brazil to reward a model with the best booty in Brazil.

It was founded by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver with 27 contestants representing one of the country's states.

Whoever is crowned the Miss BumBum champion bags a whopping 50,000 Brazilian reais (around £8,000) in endorsement deals.

The lucky winner also becomes a celebrity in Brazil – and across the world too.

Now with the competition returning for an 11th year, Daily Star looks at the first five contestants hoping to win.

The models are marked through a voting phase as the 27 babes become 15 who then move onto the final phase.

In this part, there will be a parade accompanied by judges.

Among the bombshells gunning for the title is Thaynna Dantas, the first transgender woman to participate in the competition.

So who are the models hoping to get their hands on the shiny crown?

Anne Lima

The businesswoman has over 3,000 followers on Instagram as she will represent the state of Rio de Janeiro.

With a 108cm butt and a toned body, the fitness muse is a strong candidate for the title.

She hopes to become the owner of the most beautiful butt in the country.

Anne is also a fitness model who uses her platform to share her workouts.

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Businesswoman and fitness muse, Dhe will represent the state of Goiás in the new edition of Miss BumBum.

With a 98cm butt, she is already intensifying her glute workouts to get into the best shape to excel to the final of the contest.

She said: "I go to the gym every day. I'm already preparing for Miss BumBum, so my workouts and diets will be focused on contest."

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Luma Kardashian

Content creator and OnlyFans model Luma Kardashian is going to represent the state of São Paulo in the Miss BumBum contest.

Hoping to claw the staggering prize and title, the bombshell boasts a 104cm butt as she focuses on bum workouts at the gym.

She also started specific training in a bid to reach the Miss BumBum finals.

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Maya Dhurval

Dancer and content creator, Maya Dhurval is honouring the state of Espírito Santo at the competition.

She has a 10cm butt and more than 177,000 followers on Instagram.

Maya receives a multitude of compliments whenever she shows off her curves in a bikini or shares videos of choreography.

The model said: "I eat everything. I lost weight eating pizza and sweets, because the cuisine in my city is very diverse. I love to eat."

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Thaynna Dantas

Influencer Thaynna Dantas has already made Miss BumBum history for becoming the first trans woman to participate in the event.

In search of the huge prize, the model is a very important symbol of representation for the LGBTQIA+ community in the dispute.

She is representing the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte in the annual beauty pageant.

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