Hotel housekeeper shares top 5 cleaning hacks – including vinegar & lemon trick

It’s finally spring which means the sun should be shining a little more often and we’re all shaking off the long winter.

And, alongside better weather comes the urge to de-clutter and spring clean our homes so they sparkle for summer.

But, not everyone wants to spend a fortune on re-stocking the cleaning cupboard – especially with food and gas prices skyrocketing.

Luckily, a cleaning expert who works as a housekeeper at a hotel claims that your kitchen already holds a treasure chest of cleaning solutions that will cost you pennies to scrub up your home.

Lisa, an executive housekeeper of five star hotel, The Grand, York, shared her top cleaning hacks with the Express.

She explained that you can use store cupboard items like baking soda, vinegar and citric acid – found in lemon juice – for many filthy places around the home.

Lisa noted: "Using these, rather than proprietary cleaners avoids the use of harsh chemicals, which means that they are a more sustainable option.

"Vinegar’s acidity is what makes it a good cleaner because it can counteract some sticky build-ups.

"It can also dissolve away soap scum, brine, left by hard water, and glue left behind by stickers.

"High in citric acid, lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaners due to its low PH and antibacterial properties.”

The housekeeper added: "When baking soda is mixed with vinegar the acid breaks down the baking soda, releasing carbon dioxide gas that can help lift dirt from the surfaces being cleaned.

"Baking soda on its own is a mild alkali and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily in water, resulting in effective removal."

Check out her top tips below:


Lisa suggests using vinegar and a chopped up lemon in a bowl of water for your microwave.

Simply set the machine to heat, with the bowl inside, until you see the microwave is all steamy.

Let the bowl site for five minutes after the microwave has pinged and then it should be easy to wipe down as the acid and steam has loosened any baked on food.

Drinking glasses

Say goodbye to cloudy glasses with remnants of scum from hard water taps.

The build up of white-ish cloudy grime is generally from the minerals in tap water, claims Lisa, but it’s easy to get rid of.

She explained: "Remove the film that can build up as a result of hard water minerals, by soaking stemware in white vinegar for five minutes then rinse and dry with a microfibre cloth. "

All-purpose cleaner

You don’t need a pricy bottle of cleaning fluid to use as a general cleaning spray as you can make one at home.

Lisa said: "Combine three tablespoons of baking soda and a quarter of warm water and wipe surfaces with a sponge sparkling results.

"This is a DIY cleaner recipe that will make every surface gleam, and is great for the refrigerator."

Light switches

High traffic areas of the home can end up covered in dirty finger prints and other marks.

You should clean them often to get rid of unsightly marks and germs.

But, Lisa says all you need for this area of the home is a cloth that’s been dampened with water and soap.

Make sure you wipe them dry as the switches are close to electrics.

Shower doors

Glass shower doors are frustrating to keep clean as minerals build up and leave many marks.

Lisa recommended a mix of three ingredients to keep them shining.

The hotel housekeeper explained: "The combination of baking soda, salt and vinegar has been tried and tested household cleaner for years first spray vinegar all over the bathroom glass let it sit for a few moments then mix equal amounts of baking soda and salt to make a paste.

"Use a moistened sponge or rag to rub this paste on the surfaces and rinse well.

"To deep clean, use a magic sponge or dryer sheets – just dampen them and rub all over the bathroom glass surface."

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