Spoilers: New love confirmed for Vanessa in Emmerdale after Charity near kiss

Ever since Charity (Emma Atkins) and Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) almost kissed in Emmerdale a few weeks ago, Charity has seemed keen to be reunited with her former love.

It pretty much destroyed her relationship with Mack (Lawrence Robb), and every time she sees Vanessa it’s clear that she’s still in love with her and wishes that near-kiss had been even nearer.

But it looks like Vanessa is ready to move on in upcoming episodes, and break Charity’s heart for good when she starts getting friendly with another woman.

Vanessa recently literally bumped into a woman called Suzy. She was carrying a cake and in the collision with Vanessa the cake was ruined.

This chance meeting could be the start of a new romance for Vanessa, as she meets Suzy again. The two enjoy a bit of flirtation, and Vanessa is excited when Suzy agrees to have dinner with her.

Is it the start of something special for Vanessa?

And how is Charity going to react when she hears about it?

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