How to put up DIY floating shelves

Floating shelves are super-practical and offer so many interior design opportunities where you can display beautiful objects and really stamp some personality into a room scheme.

But while they look great, they can bring a host of problems – from making sure the wall is strong enough to avoiding drilling through cables.

So how do you achieve this super-chic look without having a DIY disaster?

We asked Kel Harmer, the founder of award-winning Oh So Kel, the source of unique chic homeware and inspiration for beautiful living blog.

She loves DIY and has recently put up floating shelves in her kitchen.

Kel has written an ebook called The Art Of The Shelfie and her collection of unique chic homeware is full of beautiful decorative accessories for creating the perfect ‘shelfie’.

Here’s Kel’s simple how-to guide to putting up floating shelves:

You will need

  • A spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Wall scanner
  • Screws and plugs
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

Step 1:

Before committing to floating shelves (or any other shelves for that matter), check the construction of the wall to ensure you have the right tools to fix a secure shelf and that it’s safe or strong enough to put one up at all.

Brick walls will need different plugs to plasterboard or drywall and if there are cables and pipes you won’t be able to drill there.

Step 2:

Once you’ve established that it’s possible to fix a shelf there and what type of wall you’re drilling into, measure the space and buy the correct length of shelving.

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