Where is Alexia Hendricks now?

ALEXIA Hendricks faces a lengthy prison sentenced after murdering dad-of-four Maurice Hunter Jr in 2019.

Maurice was shot dead at his Kansas City trailer park home during the Labor Day long weekend.

Where is Alexia Hendricks now?

Hendricks is in police custody.

She handed herself into authorities, who suspected her of shooting Maurice in the chest at point-blank range on September 1, 2019.

The 19-year-old, whose mother was Maurice's partner at the time of his death, was charged with second-degree murder.

What did Alexia Hendricks do?

Hendricks is accused of shooting Maurice dead at trailer park home in 2019.

At 2.10 pm that day, authorities responded to a call of a male being shot.

According to Investigation Discovery’s Real PD Kansas City: Right in the Heart, Maurice, 30, was with his partner at the time.

The dad-of-four was shot at point-blank range in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

When cops arrived, they noticed Maurice's car was missing.

Investigators learnt that the car was seen leaving the trailer park shortly after the shooting and is believed to have been used by the shooter.

According to the show, the 30-year-old had had an argument with his partner at the time, who then went inside the trailer and later heard a gunshot ring out.

When Hunter Jr's partner was brought into questioning, she said her daughter – Hendricks – and her daughter's partner were at the scene at the time of the incident.

Maurice's partner said that Hendricks and Maurice had been screaming at each other and that she decided to go indoors.

Moments later, a shot was heard and Maurice's partner said she did not see who did it or what happened.

When the car Hendricks used was eventually brought in for an examination, investigators found a silencer located inside.

Hendrick's girlfriend Jeimy later told police Hendricks told Maurice to leave after getting into an argument with her mother.

She said Hendricks had a gun with her that accidentally went off as she was handing it to Maurice.

Hendricks eventually turned herself into police and has maintained Hunter Jr's death was an accident.

The 19-year-old claimed that Maurice had grabbed a gun and threatened to kill himself if Alexia's mother left him.

When he finally put it down, Hendricks grabbed it and asked him to leave.

When she later give it to him, it went off, the show claims.

Hendricks claimed she had never held a gun before, despite social media posts showing otherwise.

Did Alexia Hendricks plead guilty?

Hendricks has pled guilty to second degree murder and now faces nine years behind bars.

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