Maggie Gyllenhaal wore Schiaparelli at the Oscars: the worst look of the night?

Please bookmark this post whenever you want to laugh about hilariously bad style. Maggie Gyllenhaal took the cake! Or the hat rack. Maggie was actually nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for her adaptation of The Lost Daughter (which was honestly one of my favorite films of the year). She’s been wearing some typically-offbeat stuff throughout the awards season, but nothing could have prepared me for this Schiaparelli dress. These are not just big, gold button globs. The House of Schiaparelli attached actual hat-rack-looking hooks on the f–king dress. And Maggie saw that dress and she was like “yes, that says Oscar dress to me!” It’s bonkers. Even without the globby hooks, the dress is bad. It’s too stiff, it’s just a big T.

One of my other worst-dressed picks was Nicole Kidman in Armani. We get it, Nicole. You love ice blue and grey-blue and you think big puffy peplums are amazing. ENOUGH! It’s just a bad dress, but it was made worse by the fact that everyone was falling all over themselves because “it’s Armani” and “it’s Nicole Kidman.” Let me tell you, Nicole has had more misses than hits in recent years and this is a miss. I hate the way this makes her chest look.

And to complete the trifecta of my least favorite Oscar looks, Zoe Kravitz wore this pale pink Saint Laurent. People were tweeting at me “oh, she’s inspired by Audrey Hepburn!” Zoe tries to do Hepburn on nearly every red carpet! And frankly, she’s done it much better on other red carpets. This looks more like she didn’t get the dress she wanted so she had to settle on a sad, cheap-looking pink sack. That’s what her posture tells me, that she doesn’t believe in this.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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