Empowered Sarah Jayne Dunn takes requests on OnlyFans to give followers control

It’s a move that she doesn’t regret, enthusing that is has given her absolute control over her life and body, and Sarah Jayne Dunn has revealed to Metro.co.uk’s sex podcast Smut Drop that she is led by what her viewers want to see.

The former Hollyoaks actress, who refused to back down after the soap tried to force her to quit OnlyFans, was eventually axed from the soap but she has since found huge personal, professional and financial success through modelling.

Hosts of our body positivity and sex related podcast, Jackie Adedeji and Miranda Kane, joined Sarah Jayne for an in depth discussion on her new career journey.

‘I think I’ve just found like a really nice space for me to be me to be creative, to be expressive, to be Sarah, as opposed to a character,’ she enthused of her debut on OnlyFans, where she has received huge compliments from supporters, including former co-stars.

‘It seems like a no-brainer; I got in touch with the people at OnlyFans and they were really, really helpful and I spoke to a few of the creators about how they found the platform.

‘And I was just like, yeah, I’m this is, this is, seems like it’s for me.’

Sarah-Jayne has not looked back at Hollyoaks, revealing she already had itchy feet and would find herself being ‘extremely quiet’ on set.

Now she is embracing being in total control of herself and she is happy that she is able to communicate with those watching and get feedback over they want to see.

‘I’ve got men and women that followed me across and support me. And that’s what I found really nice. One of the draws of OnlyFans subscribers is that they can interact with you.

‘And actually now that I sort of got that community in place, I can go look, what do you want to see?,’ she explained.

‘So some people are like, “oh, you know, I want to see some nice gym.” Okay, great. I can do that easy peasy.


‘Or someone might go, I want to see a white underwear set and white suspender stockings.

‘Cool. Yeah, I can do that. And so actually, it makes it easy for me to come up with content because I’m, responding to what the followers are asking for.’

It’s also very clear in the conversation, however, that Sarah Jayne knows the line where she is most comfortable, in order to ‘protect her boundaries.’

She confirmed that she does get a lot of stranger requests, with a lot of very explicit ones which she wouldn’t publish on the platform.

‘That’s not a territory I’m I want to be in or I’m going in,’ Sarah Jayne confirmed. ‘But I think it’s for the people that do more explicit content and adult work on there, I think that’s quite a common thing for people to send you a picture of their penis and for you to go, “oh, well done!”‘

You can listen to the full discussion with Sarah Jayne in which she also discusses the misconceptions of publishing pictures on platforms as well as how age does not define sexiness and nor do the society expectations of women.

The candid and laid back chat is the second episode of our brand new podcast at Metro.co.uk, Smut Drop.

Smut Drop is available to download from all your usual places, from Wednesday 23 March. For a sneak peek, you can listen to our trailer here.

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