I’m a hairdresser – these are worst phrases clients always say which could end up with you HATING your new look

WHETHER it's a tiny trim or complete colour transformation, going to the hairdressers can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience.

And while we all have an image in our head of what we'd like our hair to look like, it sometimes doesn't turn out that way, because we've struggled to verbalise exactly what we want.

Here, hair pro Dale Hollinshead from hair salon Hazel and Haydn shares his advice on how to communicate with your hairdresser – and also some of the commonly-used phrases to avoid…

Bring in photos, but be realistic

In terms of what you should do, it's actually quite simple.

Dale says: "My best advice is listen to the advice we offer, and don’t be too vague.

"It’s always really good to bring photos of hair you like as this gives us a really good idea of the things you like and the things you don’t.

"However be realistic with the images you choose."


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'I want a BIG change but keep the length… and colour'

When thinking about our next haircut, a lot of us feel brave and adventurous – until we step into the salon.

Often that dramatic fringe we'd been planning or radical dye job becomes a simple trim.

However, we still subconsciously want to see dramatic results and can be disappointed when what we asked for doesn't look that different.

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Dale says: "We’re not magicians!

"You have to be open to change to get change – how do you know you don’t like something if you have never let the hairdresser take you there?

"You might think 'I can’t believe I’ve never tried it' and that it’s the easiest best hair you have ever had."

'I've never liked my hair when I've had it done before'

While this is one Dale hears from new clients rather than regulars, it's something that can make an appointment instantly get off on the wrong foot.

Dale says: "This is the worst way to start off an appointment.

"No one wants to start a conversation on negativity and you will get a much more engaged stylist from not saying this."

'Can you just squeeze me in- it’s only a trim?' 

Whether it's a centimetre of ten inches, hairdressers still want to take the same amount of care over each client.

Dale says: "Going to the salon for most people is a real treat.

"By asking us to squeeze you in means you lose that experience, it puts us under pressure because we have less time than we are comfortable with and could result in you not getting what you want.

"You could be unhappy and the service could feel a little rushed, resulting in a bad experience and possibly meaning you go else where.

"The only person you are doing a disservice to is yourself by asking this."

'No, I don’t think I need a treatment'

Hairdressers will always listen to their customers' needs and requests, but it can be frustrating when their recommendation for something like a treatment, falls on deaf ears.

Dale says: "Treatments are some of the most wonderful things we can give you to transform the look and feel of your hair.

"However I feel a lot of people think they are a waste of time.

"Years and years have been spent formulating these products to be super effective and we have spent years learning how they can help you – so let us recommend one if we feel you do need one."

'I want to be ashy blonde but am naturally very dark brown'

Dyeing your hair can be very exciting, and hair experts are absolute pros at getting the shade you desire – but sometimes it can come cost your natural hair's condition.

Dale says: "This is possible but takes a long time and is hard to maintain and a lifting service like this can ultimately compromise the condition, I always think if you want really healthy glowing hair, pivot with colours around your natural base.

"So if you are naturally dark, work with that and enhance, if you are naturally lite the same, low maintenance, beautiful, glossy, shiny hair is always as a result of this policy."

'I studied hairdressing so I know about hair'

Normally this quote comes from a client that worked in a salon for a short while or have done a qualification but then not carried on.

Dale says: "We spend so much time fine tuning our skill and you are doing yourself a dis service by not letting us do what we do best.

"Trying to control how we go about things means you will never get the best of us and ultimately results in you never getting what you want, which is ironic really!"

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“I came late because you were late last time'

Dale says: "Sometimes we might have an appointment in prior that takes us a little longer than expected, that’s because we are trying our very best to give each visitor that hair they would love.

"So please be a little patient, as we would do the same for you."

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