Trump SUES Hillary Clinton and others for Russia 'hoax'

Trump sues Hillary, her indicted lawyer, Jake Sullivan, James Comey, Christopher Steele and the DNC for ‘crippling’ his 2016 race by ‘weaving a false narrative he was colluding with Russia’

  • Trump’s lawyers lodged a 108-page lawsuit in Florida court on Thursday
  • It seeks punitive damages from Hillary Clinton and her allies over 2016 campaign
  • He accuses them of conspiring to spread a ‘false narrative’ about ties to Russia
  • The suit names former British spy Christopher Steele, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, ex FBI chief James Comey among others 
  • It says ‘even the events of Watergate pale in comparison’ to their plot

Donald Trump on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and a hit list of his favorite targets, alleging they tried to rig the 2016 U.S. presidential election by tying his campaign to Russia.

Among the names are Christopher Steele, a former British spy who assembled a dossier of alleged links between Trump and Russia, James Comey, the then director of the FBI who investigated possible connections, and the Democratic National Committee.

‘In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot – one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation’s democracy,’ reads the complaint. 

‘Acting in concert, the defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty. 

‘The actions taken in furtherance of their scheme – falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement, and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources – are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the events of Watergate pale in comparison.’

Trump, who beat Democratic nominee Clinton in the 2016 election, alleges racketeering, the theft of trade secrets, and ‘conspiracy to commit injurious falsehood,’ among other crimes. 

The suit demands an unspecified amount of punitive damages. 

Former President Donald Trump launched a lawsuit on Thursday accusing Hillary Clinton, former British spy Christopher Steele, and indicted lawyer Michael Sussmann – among others – of conspiring against him to spread a false claim that his campaign was linked to Moscow

Also named in the case were former FBI Director James Comey, as well as agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, whose messages were seized on by Trump supporters to claim a plot

Trump’s suit alleged that ‘the defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty’

A federal investigation into Trump campaign’s ties with Russia triggered a string of convictions when some of his associates were found to have lied about meeting with Russian officials.

And a 966-page report issued by a Republican-led U.S. Senate committee in August 2020 detailed how Russia used Trump ally Paul Manafort and the WikiLeaks website to try to power Trump to victory in the 2016 election. 

But the episode has been used by Trump ever since to complain he was the victim of a witch hunt, providing with a cast of villains that have fuelled his rally addresses ever since.

Among the names is Jake Sullivan, who is now President Joe Biden’s national security adviser. As well as FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, whose text messages were seized on by Trump and his supporter as evidence of a plot, Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robbie Mook, and Charles Dolan, a PR consultant, who was connected to Steele’s dossier. 

The 108-page complaint turns his rhetoric into a lawsuit. It accuses Clinton and her allies of trying to create and leak false reports about ties between his campaign and Moscow. 

Others named are President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robbie Mook, and spin doctor Charles Dolan

Clinton lost the 2016 election to Trump, but the case alleges that it was just the start of attempts by her supporters to undermine him and his administration

When those reports were proved false, Clinton’s allies took another course of action.

‘On a separate front, [indicted lawyer Michael] Sussmann would commission the information technology company, Neustar, to brazenly hack servers from highly-sensitive locations – including Donald J. Trump’s private residence, Trump Tower, and, most shockingly, the White House – to uncover proprietary data that could then be manipulated to give the impression that Trump was engaged in illegitimate business with a Russian bank, Alfa Bank,’ alleges the complaint.

Those hacking allegations triggered a storm in conservative media circles earlier this year.

In a February court filing, John Durham, the special counsel appointed to probe the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, alleged that a tech executive ‘exploited’ access to White House data to locate damning information about Trump.

The former president seized on the document to claim he was right to say that he had been hacked during the 2016 election.

But factcheckers were quick to point out that Trump was not in the White House at the time and that the data in question were often passed to third parties in order to hunt down for fraudsters of bad actors. 

Even so, the details have provided the former president with ammunition for his rally appearances and TV interviews, even as allies have quietly tried to nudge him away from trotting out historical grievances. 

The legal team who prepared the suit included a new name in the Trump team. Peter Ticktin, a courtroom litigator based an hour down the Florida coast from Mar-a-Lago, was Trump’s platoon sergeant when they both attended New York Military Academy. 

The case, filed on Thursday, offers a who’s who of grievances dating back to the 2016 election

The suit, lodged in the Southern District of Florida, claims that the defendants efforts began in 2016 but continued after their defeat in an effort to discredit the Trump administration.

‘In short, the defendants, blinded by political ambition, orchestrated a malicious conspiracy to disseminate patently false and injurious information about Donald J. Trump and his campaign, all in the hopes of destroying his life, his political career and rigging the 2016 presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton,’ reads the complaint.

‘When their gambit failed, and Donald J. Trump was elected, the Defendants’ efforts continued unabated, merely shifting their focus to undermining his presidential administration.’

Trump has faced a string of legal woes since leaving office.

A House committee is investigating the Jan. 6 violence, when Trump’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol last year.

And his businesses have been under scrutiny in both civil and criminal investigations in New York. 

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