Mel B could take legal action against ‘marriage-wrecking’ nanny — after discovering she’s been staying with her daughter – The Sun

MEL B could take legal action against the nanny accused of wrecking her marriage — after discovering she has been staying with her ex and daughter.

The Spice Girl, 44, says Lorraine Gilles, 29, is flouting a “stayaway order” by even being near eight-year-old Madison, the singer’s daughter with Stephen Belafonte.

Belafonte, 44, and Gilles admitted having sex during his marriage to Mel, but the Leeds-born star was forced to pay £1.8million after labelling her former nanny a “prostitute” during her messy divorce.

The Sun has discovered that Gilles and Belafonte have been seen at the same bungalow in LA — with the au pair also photographed picking Madison up from school.

A source close to Mel, who is fighting for custody for her youngest daughter, said: “There were valid reasons why she did not want Lorraine around her children, hence a stayaway order was put in place.

“To think they feel completely entitled to flout this is breathtaking to her. She is beside herself.”

Gilles began working for Mel and film producer Belafonte in 2009 when she was just an 18-year-old student who arrived in the States from Germany.

She looked after Mel’s three kids at her Hollywood Hills home but later became entangled in the bitter divorce battle.

Mel alleged that Belafonte impregnated Gilles — later paying her to have an abortion — and that the nanny was harassing her.

She also said Belafonte engineered a “sham” marriage for Gilles to businessman Michael Bleau.

Despite previously denying any affair with Belafonte, Gilles admitted during a legal deposition that she had sex with him ten to 15 times.

But she insisted the sex — as well as threesomes with Mel — was at the singer’s behest and said she was pregnant by another.

Gilles accused Mel of “seducing a naive and a curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student . . . with alcohol, fame and casual sex”.

The nanny also launched a defamation suit, saying she was made out to be “a homewrecker, prostitute and extortionist”.

They eventually settled out of court in 2019, with Mel shelling out a reported £1.8million.

Mel wants Madison back in the UK with her eldest child Phoenix, 21, from her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar, and Angel, 12, whose dad is actor Eddie Murphy.

She insists there is a “stayaway provision” in the confidential agreement, warning Gilles not to go within 200 yards of her kids.

A source said: “Stephen and Lorraine are very cautious and have managed to keep their living situation on the down-low while the custody battle continues.

“It’s very rare for them to be seen together out in the open, but Lorraine is clearly still a central part of Stephen’s life.”

They have both been seen at a £3,100-a-month rented bungalow near the Hollywood Hills, plus another home nearby which Belafonte is revamping.

Pictures also show Gilles picking up Madison from school, and she is also said to have walked the dog with her.

In legal papers filed on December 19 last year, Mel said she recently discovered Gilles was providing care for her daughter.

She asked the court to stop the nanny from seeing her, citing “the explicit ‘stay away’ provision”.

She also said it was “wholly inappropriate and disturbing” in light of the “history between Stephen, myself and Lorraine”.

She added: “Stephen directed Madison to call Lorraine ‘Jenny’ to conceal her identity.”

But the request was denied by a judge.

Belafonte and Mel were divorced in late 2017.

She accused him of physical and emotional abuse and he claimed she was a cocaine and booze addict.

Gilles divorced tech entrepreneur Bleau, 35, in 2018 after 17 months.



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A spokesman for Mel said: “There is a stayaway order in place to ensure Lorraine Gilles keeps out of the lives of Mel and her daughters.

“Her lawyers will be looking into this matter.”

Belafonte declined to comment.

But a source said he was not dating Gilles and added: “She doesn’t live or stay at his place.

“They are friends and she’s one of the best people he has to watch Madison.”

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