I was shocked after ordering a broccoli from Sainsbury's only to receive one tiny FLORET

A BEMUSED shopper complained to Sainsbury’s for delivering one measly FLORET when she ordered a broccoli in her food shop. 

The blogger saw the funny side of the blunder and shared a hilarious snap cradling the tiny stalk in the palm of her hand on social media.

Amy, who blogs as Mrs Veg, told the supermarket: “Hi Sainsbury’s, I think you might have to have a word with the person who picked my online food shop about what customers mean when they order one broccoli.” 

Sainsbury's apologised for accidentally sending the 'mini' broccoli. 

Amy added: “We found this hilarious.” 

The daft mix up went viral on Twitter as Brits poked fun at the gaffe.  

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Rosalie Lee said: “That’s hilarious and maddening at the same time.” 

Steve Charlton added: “Worth it for the comedy I reckon.” 

And Joanne Graham revealed: “I once ordered a pregnancy test with my online shop and they substituted it for cheese and broccoli Pasta ‘n’ Sauce.”

Responding to Amy’s complaint, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Oops! “Sorry about the mini broccoli – we’ll look into this.

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