Cleaning mum shares four-step bedroom hack which will ‘leave you sleeping like a baby’

WE all know how tough it can be to get enough sleep – but this mum says that cleaning your bedroom the right way is a great place to start.

Australian mum-of-two Chantel Mila has shared a four-step routine for cleaning your bedroom, and she says it’ll have you "sleeping like a baby". 

The first step, she says, is to strip your bed and deodorise the mattress with bicarbonate of soda and essential oils. 

This will keep your bed feeling and smelling super fresh.

To make sure you’re not sleeping on little particles of bicarb, you must then hoover the mattress so that no powder remains.

Chantel stresses that if you have a fabric headboard, you must also hoover it at this point, because “secret dust” can lurk in this area.

Step three is to clean bedside tables with Chantel’s special DIY dusting spray.

The spray has been a huge hit with cleaning fanatics and is incredibly easy to make. 

You simply combine one cup of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar to cut through dirt, four drops of lemon oil to protect wooden furniture, and two tablespoons of coconut oil, which is “the secret to help repel dust for longer”. 

The fourth and final step in her bedroom-cleaning routine is to ensure that there’s always a basket in the bedroom to avoid clothes ending up on the floor.

Commenters couldn’t get enough of this clever mum’s bedroom cleaning hacks.

“I will definitely try that!”, exclaimed one viewer, while another simply said: “Love this.”

While another wrote: “Nothing more satisfying than a cleaned house.”

“I need to clean the mattress like that!”

One commenter was particularly excited about the dust-repellent spray: “I need this so bad!! I get the worst dust allergies.”

Some women loved the idea, but couldn’t imagine their husbands keeping the bedroom clean.

“The basket thing I have but someone… not going to say who… leaves his clothes everywhere but the bloody basket”, wrote one viewer. 

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