The Apprentices Navid says hes a virgin and wants to have sex after BBC stint

The Apprentice candidate Navid Sole saw his fight to become Lord Sugar's next business partner fail tonight, as he became the third to face his firing finger this series.

After being mixed, the groups were tasked with designing and branding a non-alcoholic drink – but Navid was accused of not contributing to the flavour of the soft drink by his teammates.

However, Navid has vowed it isn't the end of his career – and you definitely haven't seen the last of him.

It wasn't his first foray into the murky waters of reality TV, as Navid had previously appeared on shows like Rich Kids Go Skint – in which he swapped his extravagant lifestyle to sleep on a sofa in a council house.

And Navid admits that his "politeness" might have been his downfall on The Apprentice, as Lord Sugar accused him of not speaking up during all three tasks so far.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, he explained that he is who he is – and doesn't plan to change that any time soon.

"I’m Navid. I’m polite, I’m crazy, I’m still single, I’ve never experienced love. I’m still a virgin, so there’s a lot to me that people don’t know," he explained.

"With me I’ve got this professional side where I’m at work and I have to be professional, and let’s be real – as a pharmacist I can’t take the p**s, I can’t be stupid because I’m representing the board, or else I’m gonna get struck off by the General Pharmaceutical Council!"

He went on: "But obviously after I take off my white coat I become Navid, who’s just crazy and wants to have fun.

"Who really also wants to experience love because I’ve never had love before from anyone! It’s time for me to lose my virginity, enjoy the ride and for people to have a fun, sexy time with Navid."

But as Navid soon made clear, The Apprentice house certainly wasn't the best place to make his sexy dreams come true, as the candidates are subjected to "tiny" beds despite the house's impressive size.

He explained that the beds were the first thing to truly "shock" him during the process, telling Daily Star: "The first thing that shocked me was the house, because the beds we had are just so tiny.

"The beds were literally so tiny – I’m a six foot guy, so you can imagine my legs were sticking out the bed, and we only get three to four hours sleep. You can’t have your beauty sleep.

"My face is so fresh now, but when you're in that process my face was just horrible and disgusting, so dry because I didn’t have time to add moisturiser or look after myself – so just trust me that was the worst bit."

The star added: "The house is huge but the other things are tiny. It’s a big transition, especially from your king-size bed with the Versace covers to a single bed with a single duvet.

"I’m a guy who’s got five pillows, I need one behind me, a pillow on my left, a pillow on my right, and one underneath my legs. But we just got one pillow.

"I’m happy I did Rich Kids Go Skint cause it taught me life lessons, I used that experience going into this process so that was a major tick and a major plus for me."

And would Navid turn his hand to any other reality shows in future?

He said: "I would definitely love to do something like Masterchef, I’m interested to see what the judges would think of me if I cook something exotic – I just don’t want to end up making them sick!

"I do have phobias when it comes to sleeping in small beds with insects, spiders, so I’d definitely do I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! because trust me you would see a different side to Navid, I think you’d definitely laugh at what I do, especially if I see spiders – I go crazy."

The Apprentice continues next Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

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