Khloe Kardashian Slammed as ‘Selfish’ and ‘Greedy’ for Selling True’s Used Clothes for Money

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ alum receives backlash after selling her daughter’s old clothes for hundreds of dollars instead of donating them to those in need.

AceShowbizKhloe Kardashian may not be short on cash thanks to her family reality show and her fashion business, but that doesn’t stop her from profiting from her daughter’s used clothes, a decision that has earned her tons of criticism. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum has come under fire for selling True’s old clothes instead of donating them.

“[Oh, my God,] I miss seeing True in these outfits,” the mother of one shared via Twitter on January 14, along with a link to the kid’s section of Kardashian Kloset, a website considered the “official resale site of the Kardashian/Jenner family.”

Some of the items listed in the section include a Ralph Lauren jacket for $150, a pair of Fendi Kids jeans for $495 and an Aristocrat Kids dress, on sale for $556, originally listed for $695. For comparison, the average price of a girl’s brand new jackets sells on the Ralph Lauren website for around $100, so these old items seem to be high-priced.

Many slammed Khloe’s decision to sell those clothes instead of donating them. “Why in the world are you selling these?? COVID produced a lot of needy families…..Find one..or two…or three…,” one suggested to the Good American founder.

Another blasted the 37-year-old for profiting from the used items, “It’s not like Khloe even paid for these in the first place! Do you realize how many people and designers must have sent her free clothing in the hopes of being photographed? Khloe is making a 100% profit.”

“Have you heard about donating your kids clothes? You should try it sometimes. Us poor people we do that all the time,” a third user pointed out, while another simply asked, “Do the proceeds go to charity?”

One other person called Khloe “selfish” and “greedy” as writing, “These women have no home training. Their mother taught them to be selfish and greedy. Hence, this is why they can’t keep a man or have any healthy relationships. Smh.”

“You don’t need the cash,” someone else remarked. “You could donate the clothes to the less fortunate. Their kids would wear them not because they are designer clothes, but because they would be happy to have some descent clothing. I really thought you were more kind and not a money grabber. Shame Shame!”

Another critic called out Khloe, “Just how much more selfish can the K family get?! They hit a new low daily now! DONATE THE CLOTHES!” while another chimed in, “I hope the profits from the sale of those used clothes are going to charity. Any other scenario is perplexing. You have so much, surely you can afford to gift a needy child used clothing.”

Some others took issue with the steep price. “I’m just curious is it priced so high cause their kids supposedly wore the stuff or what ijs 55$ for a used Lee jacket. they literally sell that brand at Wal-Mart..,” one wrote.

Another questioned, “Can anyone tell me why @khloekardashian is selling Target brand children’s tights for 3 times the retail amount. PLUS $15 shipping? You can buy them for $6.99 at Target, instead of $35 from Khloe. Target ad on the right. I hope she is donating to a children’s charity.”

Khloe has not responded to the backlash.

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