'The View' Returns to Studio Without an Audience After COVID-19 Surge: 'It's a Little Freaky'

The View started off 2022 social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) surge in cases due to the omicron variant. For two weeks, the co-hosts remotely broadcasted from their respective homes. Whoopi Goldberg had been out due to testing positive and Sara Haines only appeared on the Jan. 3 episode due to coming in close proximity to someone that had COVID-19. Ana Navarro would later announce she had tested positive for the virus but continued hosting the show from her home like the rest of the cast. Upon their return to the studio, the panelists talked about why they like doing the show in person and why “it’s a little freaky.”

‘The View’ co-hosts talk about returning to the set

“Yes, it was very odd. You heard the sound of one hand clapping,” Goldberg noted. “We are here back in the studio it is bereft of most people. There are some people here because of course we couldn’t do this by ourselves too much work, but it’s a little freaky. So if we seem a little Stalley that’s what it is. I you feel about being back at the table. I don’t mind that because you know, the delay on the zooming that we were doing yesterday to make me nuts. That delay like when you say something and then by the time you hear me I’m not ready on the next topic. So I didn’t like that. But I don’t I feel a little uncomfortable, you know, be out in the world right now with all of the craziness that’s going on.”


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