OO-OOP! How LYS Beauty Founder Tisha Thompson Will Be Spending Her Founders Day

It was a little under a year ago when Tisha Thompson, beauty industry OG, wife, mother and Devastating Diva of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. took the leap and launched LYS Beauty, a clean-beauty makeup brand with Black women at the front of mind. “Our goal with LYS is simply to debunk the myth that clean formulas, wide shade ranges and high performance products cannot coexist at affordable prices,” Thompson told ESSENCE in 2021. “We proudly formulate clean products that speak to groups that have been historically left out of clean beauty conversations.” Well, nearly 365 days later, she’s successfully done that, with her brand becoming a Sephora favorite and a must-have for makeup stashes everywhere.

So in honor of not only of DST’s Founders Day, but also Thompson’s continued success, we caught up with the founder to chat about her love for the organization and how the sorority helped cultivate the boss she is today.


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How has DST impacted you as a business woman? 

As a woman of DST, I am naturally motivated by change. Similar to how our Founders had the desire to change the direction to focus on greater public service, I also had the desire to change the current standards of beauty and show that everyone deserves to be represented in the makeup industry…especially the clean beauty space. Being a part of an organization like this gave me the confidence and support system to launch LYS Beauty, which focuses on empowering others to love themselves. 


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What did DST teach you about the beauty of Black women?

My experience since joining DST has allowed me to meet and surround myself with some of the most confident, powerful and inspiring women I have ever met.  My Sorors are so fearless and insightful and they have taught me so much about myself, allowing me to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. 

How do you plan to celebrate J13? 

I’ll be celebrating J13 with my sister, who is also a Soror, by going out to dinner. 


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Can you talk about the importance of the NPHC in regards to cultivating Black talent and creatives.

It’s incredibly important to create the change you want to see and with today’s evolving consumer in all industries representation key. The NPHC has always been about promoting unity and fostering leaders in the Black community which attracts talent and creatives that are focused on elevating inclusion and celebrating Black-owned businesses.

Shop LYS Beauty on lysbeauty.com and on sephora.com.

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