‘90 Day Fiancé’: All of the Red Flags So Far in Ella and Johnny’s Relationship

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star, Ella is eager to meet her Chinese boyfriend, Johnny, after months of talking online. However, fans can’t help but notice the red flags in their relationship that could become bigger issues. Here are all of the red flags in Ella and Johnny’s relationship.

Ella seems to be fetishizing Johnny’s Asian culture

Ella met her “Asian prince,” Johnny, on a dating site for Asian men to meet white women. She said, “Johnny is from China. He is 34 years old. He has an amazing smile, and his eyes are just perfect.”

Ella says, “My ideal man… it would probably be an exact blueprint of my favorite anime crush. He has red hair, green eyes, and a fox demon inside of him.” She continues, “In real life, of course, he’s got to be Asian.”

She explained that she has a fascination with all things Asian. Ella says, “I think Japanese movies were a big inspiration, like the samurai movies. I love just how they looked in their samurai outfits, with their long luscious hair, their eyes, their face, their skin tone. I love everything about them. “

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans are convinced that Ella isn’t interested in Johnny and more interested in the fact that he’s Asian. Is she fetishizing him?

Johnny will have to leave his son and parents in China

Another red flag is that Johnny will have to leave his entire family to be with Ella in the United States. Johnny, who is the family’s breadwinner, has been supporting his mother and father financially. Also, his son, who lives with his parents, will be there alone without support.

Johnny is taking a big risk of quitting his job to go to the US to be with Ella. He’s worried that he won’t be able to support his family while he’s out of the country.

Right now, it appears there won’t be a trip because his visa to Singapore was denied. Johnny’s plan was to go to a third country, Singapore, and spend two weeks quarantining there before coming to the US to be with Ella.

It seems like it could be a red flag that Johnny has to risk everything to go to the US. Is he motivated by his love for Ella, or is he more interested in the green card and opportunities in America?

Johnny wants Ella to lose weight

Ella admitted that she would like to lose weight. Johnny has been wanting to support her in getting to her goal weight. He said, “Although, my biggest concern for the trip, with being healthy, is actually about my girlfriend.”

In the clip, Johnny goes to a Chinese medicine doctor to talk about his options to help Ella lose weight. He tells the doctor, “I’m here for my girlfriend. She’s American. And I’m trying to help her lose weight.”

He tells the cameras, “My girlfriend, Ella, has a really beautiful face. And her personality, I think is fantastic. I love her. And I love that I’m her number one Asian man.”

However, some 90 Day Fiancé fans are concerned that Johnny isn’t really happy with her size and is trying to force her into losing weight for him.

Johnny explains to the cameras, “But Ella’s current size, she’s kind of a little big. Especially her belly. So if I can help her with weight loss, I think she’s going to be become more beautiful and be more healthy.” Even Ella admitted that she’s worried Johnny is sugar-coating how he actually feels about her appearance.

It will be interesting to see if Johnny will make it to the US to meet Ella. Also, will the chemistry be there when they do finally meet? 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC and discovery+.

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