How many episodes are in Rules of the Game on BBC One?

Rules of the Game: BBC teases brand new drama series

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Rules of the Game is the latest thriller series coming to BBC One and the first episode airs tonight (January 11). The TV series exposes all about sexual politics in the modern workplace. has all you need to know about how many episodes are in the first season.

How many episodes are in Rules of the Game?

Rules of the Game stars Maxine Peake as Sam Thompson, a high-flying chief operating officer at an esteemed business.

She is a blunt businesswoman who does not like to be told how to run the show.

There is no wonder why she clashes with Maya Benshaw (Rakhee Thakrar) who hopes to change the work culture in the office.

The miniseries is made up of four hour-long episodes, which will all air at 9pm.

Episode two will be arriving on January 12, so fans will not have to wait long.

However, the third episode will not air until next week, on Tuesday, January 18.

The short series will conclude with its fourth instalment the following day.

After the first episode has aired, the series will be made available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

In the debut episode, viewers will see how a brutal death at the office forces Sam to delve into what happened.

Her investigation starts with the arrival of new HR director, Maya.

In episode two, Maya looks into the history of the company’s toxic work culture, and a mysterious death from 10 years previously.

By the third outing, the investigation starts to get too much for Sam as Maya digs up potentially incriminating evidence.

Police are circling the business by the finale and Sam is forced to decide whether she will pick up where Maya left off.

A trailer for the new series has been released and it shows Maya introducing herself to the team.

She says: “My speciality is changing the work culture for the better.”

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But straight away, she is shot down by COO Sam who is adamant her workplace is running above board.

Maya is then seen speaking to a whistleblower who reveals her friend died 10 years ago.

The worker is then heard saying: “They will never get rid of me, I know too much.”

Fans have taken to the trailer comments to share their thoughts on the upcoming series.

MissVmilne said: “Looks like a cracking cast, hope the script holds up.”

The cast includes Susan Wokoma as DI Eve Preston, Alison Steadman as Anita Jenkins and Ben Batt as Owen Jenkins.

Gareth and Vanessa Jenkins are played by Kieran Bew and Zoe Tapper.

The series was inspired by the Harvey Weinstein abuse scandal that sparked the #MeToo movement.

Each episode will explore the lack of conversation around sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Anyone affected by the issues raised in Rules of the Game can get help and support through the BBC Action Line.

Rules of the Game airs on BBC One tonight (January 11) at 9pm.

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