First Dates star Cici Coleman one step away from being homeless before TV job

First Dates star Cici Coleman has revealed she nearly became homeless before appearing on the hit Channel 4 Show.

The TV star, who is now also a popular fitness influencer, 35, opened up as she answered questions from her Instagram followers while on an exotic holiday in Bali.

Cici offered her guidance to fans and revealed at one stage in her life she was "one step away from being homeless."

This was prompted after one of her fans took the opportunity to ask: "Is it a bad thing that I don't know what I want to do or who I am at 25?"

The TV star, who has featured as a waitress on TV show First Dates alongside maître d' Fred Sirieix from 2013, shared life advice and details about her own experiences.

Cici revealed: "Mate. At 25 I was one step away from being homeless. I had zero idea what I wanted to do. But I had hope."

The star, who has a degree from The New York Film Academy, continued: "Take the pressure off having the answers. You have your whole life ahead of you to figure out who you are. That doesn't come overnight. It's a continuous lesson."

"Each moment is a new experience where we get to learn something about ourselves. Try out different jobs, make more mistakes, figure out through those mistakes (lessons) what you do and don't like", she added.

The 35 year old had some more positive energy to share with her fans.

Cici wrote: "And don't forget to have fun on the journey. Also imagine how boring life would be if you had it all figured out. There wouldn't be any room for improvement. My mistakes have been my greatest teachers."

This comes after fitness teacher Cici told us how she will keep her personal life away from the spotlight, particularly when it comes to her relationship.

Speaking to OK! online in a joint interview with TOWIE star Pete Wicks, to promote their FUBAR Radio show The Dating Show, Cici explained she will not go public with her partner.

Answering whether her relationship is kept under wraps on purpose, she said: “Yes it is deliberate because, I think not everyone needs to know everything for a start."

Cici explained: “So, rather than me doing what are usually do and being a gushy and like ‘here is my new boyfriend’ just going with it and trying to live a bit more in the present than, you know, looking at what our children are going to look like and what their names are.”

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