Chris Noths friends think that his drinking has played a big role in his problems

Trust that certain outlets, like TMZ and Page Six, will always find a way to be sympathetic to men, even if those men have been credibly accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse. In December, women began to come out to tell their stories about Chris Noth and what he did to them. Their stories were heart-wrenching and infuriating. The women were believed, and very quickly, Noth was fired from all of his jobs. Peloton pulled their ad campaign with Noth, he was fired from The Equalizer, and HBO edited Noth out of future episodes of And Just Like That. Apparently, the credibly accused serial rapist and serial sexual abuser is drinking heavily and he feels like his life is over.

Friends of Chris Noth are concerned about him — and his drinking — amid his sexual assault scandal. Just days before Christmas, the actor was accused by two women of sexual assault. There are now reports of abuse from five women whose accounts span multiple decades.

Now insiders say they’re worried about how Noth is reacting. One source who knows him said: “Chris honestly feels like his life is over. I think that drinking has played a big role in his problems. Everything is taking a toll. His friends would like him to get some help.”

However, sources strenuously deny that he has ever been drunk on sets, or has an alcohol problem. Actress Zoe Lister Jones — who once worked as a bartender at Noth’s New York City club The Cutting Room, where she claimed he was “consistently sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter” — accused him of drinking on set while they filmed NBC’s “Law & Order.”

Multiple sources said that Noth faces no option now but to step away from the public eye.

Noth, who has denied the sexual assault allegations against him, is believed to have talked to actor friends who want to come forward to stand up for him — but one industry source said, “It’s hard, because they don’t want to get embroiled in this.”

As Page Six previously revealed, Noth’s marriage to Tara Wilson, the mother of his two young sons, has been hanging by a thread since the allegations were first made public last month. However, she is said to still be standing by him, although the couple did not spend Christmas together and Wilson remains at their Los Angeles home. One source who knows the two said: “The problem is that even if Chris did not do what these woman said he did, he still had some kind of sexual encounter with them and he cheated on Tara. That is hard to come to terms with. At the moment, they’re still together. They’re trying to work things out.”

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The stuff with his marriage, just flip a coin: heads he’s a serial rapist, tails he’s a serial philanderer. Just leave him and take as much money as you can get, Tara. As for the “maybe alcoholism is why he is this way” – I have no doubt that Noth has a drinking problem and I have no doubt that it’s been a huge issue throughout his career and his personal life, especially in recent years. That being said, the bigger issue is that he’s a rapist. He’s not a rapist “because” he drinks. He’s a rapist with a drinking problem.

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