Hunter snaps pic of ‘naked alien’ with ‘bulbous head’ wandering at UFO hotspot

A hunter in the US has claimed to have captured a “naked alien” after the suspected extraterrestrial set off a trail camera he had set up in an area known as a UFO hotspot.

Donald Bromley, from Montana, set up his camera trap at a place called Redgate, which has been a notorious site for alleged UFO sightings.

His camera managed to capture the moment a grey figure with a “bulbous head” walked past with apparently no clothes on.

Originally Bromley thought the image was of a human but the more he looked at the image, the more it changed his mind.

Speaking to news outlet KXLF, Bromley said: “The first one to think it was a person, but then the more I look at it was just odd, it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it’s kind of a transparent being.”

The sighting comes after the Pentagon published a landmark report last year, which revealed that some of the potential sightings of UFOs, they simply cannot explain.

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Montana is one of America's hotspots for UFO sightings and Bromley’s trail cam has only increased the area as a place for extraterrestrial fanatics to visit.

Numerous paranormal blogs often comment on Redgate with regards to alien sightings and activity with some unproven claims people have been abducted.

The area of Redgate has become so mysterious that a film is not being made about the paranormal history of the area.

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Patrick Cutler, the man behind the film, spoke about the bizarre experiences people have had in the town.

He said: “There have been several people they’re driving around and they see something really bizarre just fly across the sky out of nowhere.

"I’ve heard stories of people just happen to be up here and out of nowhere their car just stalls out for no reason.”

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