Retro toy collector spends decades on collection thought to be worth £10,000

Theo Cane, 33, has been collecting retro toys since becoming ‘obsessed’ with action figures when he was a little kid.

Illustrator Theo has spent the last few decades hunting for more toys to add to his collection and has turned his home into a ‘museum’ to display them.

Now, his action figures are estimated to be worth a whopping £10,000.

Theo, who also works as a toy designer and film-maker, said: ‘I was raised around car boots and market stalls, so it was inevitable that I would end up becoming obsessed with toys.

‘I have collected action figures my whole life, and have always had a big collection of them.

‘I’ve easily got one of the biggest retro action figures collections in England – there’s a lot in storage, but I have bought over 10,000 toys.

‘I don’t live with anyone, so I keep them all in my house at the moment – it’s like a toy museum.

‘It’s all really nicely displayed and every room in the house has a different collection.’

One of Theo’s oldest toys, The Great Garloo by Marx, was made back in 1961.

He bought his first home in Sheffield when he was 19, which helped him have enough space to build his impressive at-home museum, featuring thousands of toys in displays.

He said: ‘When I bought my house, the first thing I did was start displaying my toy collection.

‘I have toys that are impossible to find now and a lot of them are worth a lot more than when I bought them.

‘I’d say there’s at least £10,000 worth of toys, but it’s impossible to say an exact price because there’s so many.

‘Some of the older lines have become less valuable because people don’t want them anymore.

‘I’ve never wanted to have kids – I’ve just surrounded myself with cool art and toys.

‘I get a lot of them from car boots, Facebook marketplace, and eBay, but I also travel a lot to find some of the rare toys, so I’ve been to Tokyo and America in hunt of new toys.’

Theo’s top ten favourite toys in his collection are:

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