Peter Wright looks completely unrecognisable without his colourful mohican hair

Peter Wright is one of the most recognisable darts players in the world thanks to his eye-catching outfits, his sprayed mohican hair and also his ever-changing head paint.

With wife Jo helping him look his best for when he takes to the oche, Snakebite's performances have skyrocketed since he took ownership of his new look – which he is rarely seen without.

However, there are times in which Wright has been seen without his trademark style, with no snake on the side of his head or colour and hairspray in his naturally white hair.

Wright joined the PDC back in 2004 following nine years of on-and-off performances in the BDO, having appeared in a plain black top with a more common hairstyle at the 1995 BDO World Darts Championship.

Wright told the Mail back in 2013: "It takes about two hours every day after practice in my chilling out time. I sit there chilling, and my wife Jo does my hair.

"It's down to my daughter because she's the one who has all different colour hair and I thought "I'll try that". No other dart players have tried it and it just stuck.

"I class it as going to war with my war paint on ready for battle."

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Jo who is also Peter's manager, is a hairdresser by trade and has played a vital part in forming Snakebite’s flamboyant do during his time in professional darts.

She owns her own salon called Medusa Hair in Lowestoft, Suffolk, and once spent almost five hours perfecting a look for her other half.

Wright is currently ranked second in the world thanks to another fine year of earnings, having won the PDC World Darts Championship back in 2020, as well as the World Matchplay and Players Championship Finals in 2021.

Wright emotionally dedicated his Matchplay performances to his wife, who has had major surgeries on her back.

He said back in July after reaching the final: "The most important thing, Jo’s here tomorrow. That's why I got upset because I promised her I was going to get to the final and she can be here."

Adding: "Jo had her operation last Thursday, spine surgery, and she's been in a lot of pain for the past couple of years. It's her third operation and the other two haven't worked.

"This one seems a lot better. Instead of going home, she’s coming up here Sunday."

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