6ix9ine Sued For Taking $75,000 And Fleeing The Scene

Tekashi 6ix9ine is in trouble again, but at least this time he won’t be facing jail time. The rapper has been sued by a Texas promoter for allegedly taking payment for a concert and then skipping out before performing his set.

Complex has obtained court documents detailing the allegations. Promoter JJD Entertained filed the lawsuit against the rapper after he snatched up a paycheck from the promoter and then left without following through with his end of the deal. According to the documents, promoter JJD Entertainment had booked 6ix9in, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, to perform at an event in Humble, Texas for $75,000.

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The promoter says the contract had the Gooba rapper getting $45,000 upon signing the paperwork and $75,000 when he showed up to the venue. Not only that, but the company also claims that they paid $28,000 to put 6ix9ine on a private jet from Florida to Texas for the occasion.

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The promoter says they spent more than $100,000 for the venue, producers, security, and insurance. In all the event set them back over $178,000, but 6ix9ine arrived only to pick up his check before leaving. The promoter said that they had to refund all of the tickets, and the entire fiasco left their business damaged.

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The rapper told TMZ he didn’t perform because the promoter failed to pay him, but the promoter says that just isn’t true, and they’re suing him for defamation too, as a result of the comments.

“Shortly after Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, failed to perform in accordance with the agreement, he went on a livestream with DJ Akademiks where the Defendant, Daniel Hernandez stated that the contract price was $250,000.00, that he received a $45,000.00 deposit, and $70,000.00 in cash, knowing that those statements were false,” court documents read. “On that livestream, Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, adamantly states that the only reason he left the concert site was because he did not get paid, knowing that statement was false.”

This of course isn’t the rapper’s first lawsuit, far from it. Earlier this year the Trollz singer was sued by another Texas company for allegedly copying their song to make his single Gooba, and a few months later he was sued by a Los Angeles security company for skipping out on his $75,000 bill.

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