Jeremy Clarkson bids farewell to Diddly Squat visitors after farm closure causes chaos

Jeremy Clarkson recalls ‘hilarious day’ on the farm

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Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop, which is due to temporarily close for two months, is experiencing massive queues. Today marks the final day before the Diddly Squat shop will close its doors to fans.

The shop, which is located in Chadlington, has been seen to have large queues by passing drivers.

An anonymous resident told the Oxford Mail about the standstill at Chipping Norton Road, where the shop is located.

“Buses can’t get through.

“It’s all at a standstill and nothing is being done.

“A ten-minute round trip is now taking over an hour due to traffic and parking on the road.”

The resident added that it the parking management at the store were telling cars to park on the side of the road.

She said that the line of parked cars on the road went on for further than a mile.

The AA Traffic News site showed that there were delays on Chipping Norton Road.

Also posting earlier today, Jeremy appeared in a video with his colleagues to mark New Year’s Eve.

Posted on the official Diddly Squat Instagram account, the caption read: “Thank you to everyone who visited. 

“Happy New Year. See you in March. Milk machine remains open 24/7.”

This year Jeremy Clarkson stepped away from motoring and into the world of farming, which viewers got to see firsthand.

Clarkson’s Farm has been hilarious for viewers as the former Top Gear star ventured into the new world.

The episodes have been ripe with mistakes which make for good humour.

He was forced to deal with disobedient animals, dreadful weather and unresponsive crops.

Under the watch of 21-year-old farm manager Kaleb Cooper, Jeremy got used to running his own farm.

The Top Gear presenter originally purchased the land in 2008 and paid a farmer who lived in a neighbouring village to look after it.

Jeremy decided, after his sad passing, that it was time to learn a new skill and tend to his farm.

Filled with lots of banter, viewers consistently tuned in to watch him make errors, then get told off by Kaleb,

The co-host was never afraid to call out the 61-year-old.

Speaking to radio host Chris Moyles earlier this year, the presenter opened up some vehicles he purchased in the upcoming season two and confessed they had problems.

“I didn’t know, I was buying them and I didn’t know what they did, they all just looked like something you’d use to cut your arm off.”

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