Emmerdale fans beg for Meenas twisted tale to end as Manpreet remains at risk

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Fans of Emmerdale seem to be losing their patience with wicked Meena Jutla as she still hasn't received her comeuppance for her criminal ways.

The murdering nurse has been causing havoc in the Dales for several months now, but justice for her crimes has still not been severed.

Due to the fact that the character has been doing her worst for quite some time, Emmerdale fans have complained that the storyline has become "exhausting" and begged it to stop.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday evening, fans shared their thoughts on Meena.

One fan penned: "Hopefully someone will find out about Meena soon really hate this storyline."

Another said: "The Meena storyline is exhausting."

A third shared: "Please @emmerdale end this #meena storyline now or I for one will NOT watch anymore. Oh and the charity and the scots dude too, nip that in the bud too."

"#Emmerdale this is going on too long. This Meena crap is putting people off show," a fourth added.

So far, Meena has killed Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker. She is also supposed to have murdered her best friend Nadine Butler.

On Thursday night's episode, Meena's malicious ways continued after she kidnapped her sister Manpreet and tied her to a bed.

Meena and her sister Manpreet were involved in traumatic explosion on Christmas Day, which saw Manpreet fighting for her life in hospital.

But the doctor managed to recover from her injuries which left Meena annoyed as she knew Manpreet might have known way to much about her criminal past.

Once banishing Manpreet to the confines of her bedroom, she also took away her phone leaving her with no way to contact the outside world.

Confiscating her mobile, Meena angrily said: "You and your surprises.

"Do you really think I'd have just left the phone there? It was a test, and you've failed."

"Wait til you see the surprise I have for you," she then warned.

How will Manpreet manage to escape her ordeal alive?

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