Spyker Workshop Debuts Miniature Snowcat Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck

Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck has inspired a high-tech remote-controlled snowcat. Developed by the startup Spyker Workshop, the CyberKAT is a miniature electric vehicle with a similar design to the Cybertruck, featuring a sleek silver finish and a sharp angular body.

Measuring 29 inches long (737 mm) by 19 inches wide (483 mm), the CyberKAT can clear approximately 4 inches (102 mm) of snow and is built to move across rugged terrain. The CyBlower, a separate attachment that’s being developed at Spyker, readily turns the EV into a snowblower when attached to its trailer hitch.

The frame of the CyberKAT is built out of aluminum sheet metal and contains aluminum parts, including its transmission. With a 775 electric motor, the vehicle is recommended to be run using 12-volt batteries, though Spyker says it can function on 24-volt batteries with the correct setup.

While the CyberKAT is priced at $1,299 USD, buyers will have to pay $120 USD for the electronics kit necessary to power it. An optional radio feature is available for the additional cost of $80 USD.

The CyberKAT is currently available for preorder on Spyker Workshop’s website. Models will begin shipping out in January or February.

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