Cynthia Nixon Blames Tone-Deaf ‘SATC’ for Initial Reluctance to Join Reboot ‘…And Just Like That’

In a new interview, the actress portraying Miranda Hobbes on the hit show insists that she’s ‘very proud’ of the original series despite it being ‘tone-deaf on race and gender.’

AceShowbizCynthia Nixon has opened up that she nearly refused to return to “Sex and the City” reboot “And Just Like That…“. In a new interview, the Miranda Hobbes depicter on the hit show revealed that she was “reluctant” to join the revival as the original show was “tone-deaf.”

The 55-year-old actress told Herald Sun on Monday, December 27 that she only agreed to join the revival if the creators made it more diverse and fixed its racial and gender issues. “The more I talked to [Sarah Jessica Parker], [writer-creator] Michael Patrick King, and [Kristin Davis], about the things that I couldn’t go back without — a real sea change in terms of the lack of diversity in the original series, they were on board,” she said.

Cynthia continued, “I’m very proud of the original series — despite it being occasionally tone-deaf on race and gender.” The “Ratched” actress explained further, “And being Miranda has opened up so many amazing roles for me over the years, but the further I get away from Miranda, the better they get, because people have stopped thinking of me as just that one character.”

After the show’s production team agreed with her to make it more diverse, Cynthia said, “I was floored by how hard everybody listened, and how collaboratively we worked together.” She also noted that they didn’t just “redecorate the house, but also build a whole new house that had us in it but new characters.”

“The characters are 55 so they’re in menopause. And menopause is the punchline of a lot of jokes and certainly has its unpleasant aspects,” Cynthia explained. “But it’s a time when women have spent decades looking after other people and can again focus on themselves: who am I? Who do I want to be?”

“But ‘Sex and the City’ gave me an adult career. And I’ll always be grateful for that,” Cynthia added. Her co-star Kristin, who plays Charlotte on the show, agreed. “The show has given me so much — it’s given me stability in my life in so many ways that I’m able to give to my children, which as an actor I’m infinitely grateful for,” she said.

Kristin went on saying, “And it’s given me a creative connection with my sisters that you never get as an actor where you get to work together for 20-something years.” The 56-year-old actress gushed, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving forever and ever.”

In a previous interview with Elle, Cynthia herself gushed over the “breath-taking” new cast of non-white and gender-diverse characters on “And Just Like That”. She told the magazine, “It’s part of the reason we wanted to do the show – to go back and [undo] the things that we really got wrong.”

“As wonderful as ‘SATC’ is, to do that show right now would be incredibly tone-deaf,” Cynthia elaborated. “So I was really worried that the transformation wouldn’t be big enough, and my fears are very allayed,” she added, before concluding her statement, “We want to be here to tell this story in this way and invite all these new people.”

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