'The Incredible Dr. Pol': Diane Pol on 1 of Her Favorite Christmas Gifts and the Humorous Way Her Husband Surprised Her With It

The Incredible Dr. Pol star Diane Pol, wife of veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, opened up recently about the gift her husband surprised her with one Christmas. Not only did the gift bewilder her, but her spouse’s chosen method of presenting it to her caught her quite off guard.

’12 Days of Pol’ 2021 holiday marathon leads up to the new season

It’s the moment many Incredible Dr. Pol fans wait for all year: the annual “12 Days of Pol” marathon running through the holiday season and culminating in the show’s new season premiere.

The show’s executive producer Charles Pol announced in a recent Facebook Live event that 2021’s Pol marathon would begin on Dec. 20.

“We’ll be airing a bunch of old episodes starting Monday,” he said. “Through Christmas, for 12 days leading up to the season premiere in January. Mark your calendars. It’s easy to remember January 1st when you guys get sick of watching football all day. Just turn it over at 9:00 pm on Nat Geo Wild for the start of the new season of The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

The best gift Diane Pol received from Dr. Pol and the unforgettable way he surprised her with it

On the Dr. Pol Presents YouTube channel, Dr. Pol, Diane, their son Charles, and his wife Beth chatted about the holiday gifts that each has received throughout the years. For Diane, it was a gift she received from her spouse that still means the most. How he delivered the gift was part of the gift itself.

“I’ve gotten a lot of really nice gifts, but I think one that really sticks out in my memory, and we still talk about it, was that Dad found a Dutch clock,” Diane said.

Dr. Pol went on to say, “That was one of the funniest things because I just didn’t give it to her; I hung it up!”

Diane added, “We were opening Christmas presents and all of a sudden, I heard this clock chiming. And I thought, ‘What is that? Where’s that come from?’ Of course, I cried.”

The show’s new season starts on New Year’s Day

The Incredible Dr. Pol began on Nat Geo Wild in 2011 and is kicking off its 20th season on New Year’s Day. Charles, during his Facebook fan interaction, in addition to announcing the new season, also made known another new venture from the Pols: an online community exclusively for pet-owning fans who need advice for the care of their animals.

“We’ve launched a new Facebook page,” Charles announced about ‘Dr. Pol Pets.’ “This is going to be a page for all those people who are asking questions, who want to know more about their pets and tips for their animals. It won’t just be for pets. It will be chickens and horses and goats, as well.”

Intended to help owners of indoor pets and farm animals, Charles added that the Pol brand will also be presenting “new products, wellness products for your animals, information on our feed lines. It’s all going to be on ‘Dr. Pol Pets.’”

Watch the season premiere of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ on Jan.1, 2022 on Nat Geo Wild, 9:00 pm Eastern.

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